Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Really Do Love Him...

Do you remember this post? If you haven't guessed already, my husband is quite the animal lover. (23 pets in his room before we were married... most of them snakes...)

He's constantly bringing animals home to try to keep as pets (and yes, he is 29 years old). I swiftly and firmly tell him no. Who needs pets when you have children(and a husband too), right?!

Well, look at what he brought home tonight after seeing a friend's Facebook status update about having a creature in her backyard that needed to be removed.

Uh huh...he caught a 3 foot rat snake (or something of the sort.... no need to worry, it's not poisonous...)

He brought it in the house in a tied up pillow case. (I about threw up.)

I told him it has to stay outside and he said no. I said yes, he said no.

It currently sits in a tank with a lid that is too big that is also duct taped to the tank...I made him put a huge and HEAVY tool box on top to make sure it doesn't get out....

I told him it cannot stay here. He said just for tonight so he and Caleb can set it free tomorrow.'s in our kitchen for the night. Don't worry...I'll be sleeping with one eye open and our bedroom door LOCKED!

So help me, if that thing gets out, he's calling off work tomorrow until it is FOUND!

Please tell me how to break this, bringing home wild animals and trying to keep them as pets, habit!!! I really do love him...I just don't love his animal loving/finding habits.


Stephanie, Daughter of the Risen King said...

Obviously, he has spare time. LOL. I guess you will have to find some way to keep him occupied. He needs a hobby.

Kelli B said...

You should nominate him for that show "Animal Hoarders" on the Animal Planet! :)

Ashley Doodle said...

THAT is so freaky. I wouldnt allow that in my house I'd be leaving until it was gone. YUCK.

SparingChange said...

I'm with Ashley. No way, no how is a snake allowed in the house! Ick!

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