Friday, July 8, 2011

7 adults plus 6 kids plus 1 cabin plus 1 camper

equals pure INSANITY!

Today marks day 8 of our family vacation with 7 adults, 6 kids, a cabin, and a camper in the middle of nowhere.

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining. We actually needed some time away from everyday life, but this is INSANITY! (only the best kind of insanity though!)

We have spent our days soaking up the sun, swimming at the beach (well- everyone else has been swimming except for me because my OB doesn't want me getting in the nasty river water), playing at parks, visiting zoos and creation museums, finding band aids for ouchies, and cooking, cooking, cooking (I for some reason, thought it would be a good idea to volunteer my mad cooking skills for the week.)

Our mornings have started off loud- children screaming, mother in laws dancing and singing around wildly, and spills being cleaned up constantly- the exact opposite of how I choose to start our mornings at home. The only consistent routine is the large amounts of hot coffee that I pour into myself each and every morning.

Our afternoons are spent complaining about the heat, loading up on sunscreen and bug spray, and finding the nearest trail or creek to hike.

We come back exhausted and starving only to eat a grand feast prepared by only the best of cooks- ME! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

We spend our evenings chasing off wild much too friendly racoons and skunks, while the kids burn every. last. ounce. of. energy they have left from the day.

Yes. This week has been insanity. But it's been good for a mama's soul. It's been good to watch my kids interact with their cousins and their grandparents. It's been good for Shane and I to just be together without any chores or responsibility. It's been a good (albeit loooong) week!


McEngland like the McCountry said...

I'm glad you had a great time! Our vacation officially starts tonight with a "pack up and then clean the house" party. Then we ride out in the morning. If you know anyone who wants to rob us (and who wouldn't what with our awesome toddler-customized electronics?!?) we'll be gone all week. Haha!

Jessica said...

sounds like a great trip!! where are you finding internet to blog?

n. oliveira bard said...

ooo pfew... i guess i had the wrong impression then... who all is with you over there...i gathered the mother in law is there...who else did you go with?

Miss you!

Peach said...

I don't understand... why can't you swim too?

That aside I'm totally thrilled that you guys are having fun, especially after reading your last post. :)

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