Thursday, June 30, 2011

You know you live in the country(ish) when...

10.You have to tell your long distance friends and family how to enter your address into the GPS. Example: 2931W is the house address and 950S is the street (and no! that's not my real address!)

9. You have to cancel your cell phone service after 7 years of loyalty and find a service with a 30 day service guarantee because you are in a dead zone. Good bye US Cellular, Hello Verizon!

8. You wake up in the middle of the night to the howling of coyotes. (that stuff is SPOOKY sounding!)

7. Your children discover a new species of spiders (after some research I think they are this kind of spider) they appropriately name "Crab spiders" that are the size of a silver dollar, hairy, and shiny blue. Their front legs look like the pinchers on a crab or lobster! SICK!

6. Every once in a while, the overwhelming smell of manure enters your nostrils and it about makes you throw up (or yell at your children because you think they have once again pooped in their pants!). The fields are being fertilized. Yum.

5. A colony? hive? home? of horse flies have made themselves comfortable on the underside of the jungle gym.

4. The subdivision that you live in consists of one circular road, surrounded on all sides by fields of some sort.

3. You feel like an idiot because you can't identify with complete accuracy the HUGE pieces of farm equipment that drive down the road at a turtle's pace.

2. The only place to grocery shop within 5 miles is a store that sells painting supplies next to locally grown beef that is next to a bottle of Kraft Catalina dressing for the whopping price of $5.45 per bottle. (not to mention the only restaurant in town is a subway and an Elmo's pizza and sub inside one of the 2 gas stations.)

1. The downtown fair consists of 2 carts selling random odds and ends and another booth with a fundraiser for a new BBQ!

Yup. This city girl has definitely moved to the country.


Jayme said...

I just moved from the country(ish) back to the city. I have to admit that I missed all the stores and stuff to do. I don't miss all the gas we spent driving everywhere before. But I do miss the quiet and the farming. Question is: How do you like it?

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

Jayme- we are liking it. It has been a bit of an adjustment to plan well enough to only make one or two trips into town a week, but I'll get it figured out! The space and the quiet are nice though!

Carla Sue said...

Whoo hoo! I can comment now!

I love that my kids are able to experience the country life through visits to you and my mom! :)

Joyce Kay said...

I couldn't imagine living any where else BUT the country! I'm a real country girl and love every minute of it. My kids are always catching new creatures. I'm From The Country And I Like It Like That....ain't that a country song. LOL

Mandie Hamrick said...

1.) My address does not exist according to any GPS system. Gotta love P.O. Box's. :)

2.) I wake up about every other night to some kind of animal going through our trash. I haven't heard any coyotes here, but deer, turkey, and wild dogs are really common here. My advice on that is to get a fan to block the outside noises.

3.) You'll get used to the poo-smell. :) Maybe not the poopy pants part, but the manure smell.

4.) I still don't know all the farm equipment names, and I've lived in the country pretty much my entire life. Luckily I married a farm boy who does.

5.) We only have 1 convenient store in town, which charges 2 times higher than normal stores. So, we don't shop there. Luckily we're only a town away from a decently priced grocery store so we shop there.

Welcome friend to the country. Let your kids run free, and enjoy yourself.

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