Thursday, May 26, 2011

Storms, Tornados, Hail, Floods

Unless you live under a rock, I know that you have heard about all of the devastating weather that has hit the Midwest.

I have friends in both Joplin and Oklahoma ("Home-la-mo-ma" as Caleb calls it!) that are thankfully safe. However, I know that the devastation down there is unbelievable. Please know that if you are in that area, that our family has been praying for your protection, your health, and your lives.

On a much smaller (and much less significant) scale, our area has been hit with some major rains, flooding, and very minimal tornadoes (in comparison to the ones that touched down in Joplin and Oklahoma.)

Since our house is over 150 years old with no basement, we have been spending a lot of time at my parents house (more specifically in my parents basement) riding out the storms. I know what a nervous wreck I've been over the past few days, praying for safety for my family and our city- I can only imagine how the people of Joplin and Oklahoma are feeling.

The flooding is unbelievable around town- especially the flash flooding.

I went home yesterday to check on a few things and realized that our back room/ laundry room was full of 3 inches of standing water. Our backyard slopes towards the house, and the water has pooled around the back room- it has seeped up through the tiles and come in under the back door of the house. I was able to move the boxes, that are already packed, out and let them dry, but it is quite a mess. (We've never had this much rain before, so this flooding stuff has never happened to our house before! yikes!)

I'm so thankful that our house will be sitting empty after we move out. I would be having a heart attack trying to clean that mess up for the next owners to move in....In a weird way, I'm thankful it will be the jerk's bank's problem rather than a new family's problem.

All I have to say is that June 1st cannot come quick enough! Get us out of there!!! :o)

I'm praying that you are all safe as we continue to be hit with storms. If you read here and live in the areas that have been devastated by the storms, please send me some info about where to donate or how to help, and I'll get it posted! Until then, know that our prayers are with you.


Heather and Adam said...

Jill the website they keep giving on the news here is there are phone numbers and info on there I believe. The outpour of love that we've seen from all over the country is truly amazing. I hope the stroms stay away from you guys! Be safe love you!

Peach said...

We've been praying for those effected by the crazy weather. I know in our area flooding and tornado watch warnings are posted, and we haven't had a tornado since 1987or something crazy.

Lis said...

I hear ya Alabama is sick of this weather! It's been absolutely crazy through out! We're u

Lis said...

ugh finger slipped, we're under threats today even, its been a rough season, especially for my neighbors just down the road...a lot of sorrow!

Lis said...

I plan to delete my last post on my blog so I wanted to say thank you for your response. Just got back from a much needed revival and I'm better now :)

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