Monday, May 9, 2011

I thought I would write a post...

...that shows you the thought process and revolving list of things to do that I have swirling around in my head these days. It seems that my mind is constantly going, thinking of things that need to be done before our move in just a few weeks. (it also gets distracted quite a bit too!)

I need to dig up my flowers, take the mattress that is in our garage over to my parents garage, take the bunk beds down and exchange them for 2 twin bed frames that my parents have, I need to paint said frames, we need to call the utilities and have them transferred to our names, man- shane looks good today, I think I need a smooch.

I need to call and have them rerun that bill from my hospital visit through insurance again. They didn't do it last I loath insurance. I'm so happy that Wells Fargo is wasting SO much postage and manpower sending us stupid letters...ugh...I loath them too. Ooohhh, man, Shane just bent over in front of me...he's got such a cute booty!

I need to schedule doctor's appointments, dental appointments, and order another supply of contacts. I wish the kids would pick up their toys. I think that was a very small flutter of the baby that I just felt. I really need to get some more boxes! I wonder if this baby will look like Joshua. 

I need to get our appliances up on Craigslist, but I don't want to do it too early because we still need them until June 1st. I really hope we can fit all of our belongings into a 26 foot truck! What if it doesn't all fit?! Man...I really wish Wells Fargo would stop calling- I'm starting to lose my patience with them. Jeesh, my feet are in some serious need of a pedicure and my hair is in serious need of a haircut. I think we need to probably get a mouse for the pet snake, poor thing is probably starving. 

Man, I really want to make it out to the new thrift store in town. Caleb could really use some new shorts- his are starting to look like daisy dukes. Speaking of daisy dukes, I wish I could fit into some! I wonder how much weight I'm going to gain with this pregnancy. Thankfully it's not been as much as I have with the others so far! Uh oh, I feel a puke coming on. RUN!!!! 

Ahhhh...I feel so much better. I suppose I should make some supper for the kids. Think they will mind another night of Arby's roast beef sandwiches? I know that's what I crave....well, that, and someone who's name starts with and S and ends in a silent E. Yeah...him too. 

Whew, I'm exhausted. Is it time for bed yet?Have the kids picked up their toys yet? I hope Caleb doesn't have homework. I can't wait for this move to be OVER!


AmandaDF said...

My mind feels like that a lot lately too! I hope everything calms down after your least a little :-)

Amy said...

Goodness, I'm exhausted just reading that!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you and Shane need some grown up time! Let me know if you are looking for a responsible, free babysitter for the night! You guys totally deserve some alone time! :o)

Natalie and Lee said...

haha... that is such a great post! I would hate for people to see what goes on in this mind!lol Now maybe it will settle down since you got it out in the open!:) Oh, and I think you and your husband deserve some alone time... (date night in the closet tonight:)

Hope things settle down for you soon:)

Veronica said...

Hehehe... well I've heard if your hubby looks more interesting that you are expecting a boy. What size does Caleb need? I can't find an email for you on this page, or else I'd ask that way. :)

Veronica said...

Ok I found the email, sending now!

Peach said...

Ah, hey. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it sounds like you're pregnant. :P

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