Thursday, May 19, 2011

4, 3, 2, ...

We've been telling Hannah that on her 3rd birthday "NO MORE DIAPERS!"

We said it over and over and over and told her only big girls go in the toilet. Little girls go in their diaper.

Well, she turned 3 last Friday.

Monday started the dreaded potty training.

My friend Nabrissa is in town from Africa. Before she left to go over there a year ago, she worked at a daycare here, in town. She has more experience with potty training then I do even though she has no kids.

She has been my partner in crime to get Hannah out of diapers and going on the toilet this week.

Monday, Hannah had 4 accidents. I was ready to give up but Nabrissa kept telling me it's ok and to give it more time.

Tuesday, she had 3.

Wedensday she had 2.

And today? She woke up with a dry diaper and went on the toilet immediately.

We've figured out her cues. We've rushed her to the toilet screaming "Hold it! Hold it! Don't go!!!!" a few more times then I like to admit. But she's doing it! FINALLY!

We'll see what today holds. I'm hopeful that she will get a hang of it before we move 2 weeks. I'm expecting some regression, but I'll take what I can get for now and worry about that if/when it comes!

4, 3, 2, ......what will today be?!


Molly Alisa Photography said...

Yay Hannah!!! :)

Erin said...

My 3 year old is potty training too although she's closer to 3 1/2. With my first, the day care did all the work so I was freaked out about doing it myself. But I set the goal to have her day trained by our vacation...we leave June 4. We've been on it a a little less than 2 weeks now and I think she's pretty much got it.

Now watch....I've jinxed myself anf she'll have an accident today. :-P

Beth said...

don't be surprised if, once she has it down and you get her into panties, she starts wetting the bed at night. It may not happen but it did with Abbie. IF she had a pull up on she was dry in the morning and if she had panties on she wet the bed. I finally had to suck it up and let her wet the bed for a week or so and let her body get used to the difference in undergarments. Keep up the good work! She'll get there!

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