Friday, March 18, 2011

Secret # 1 Revealed!

I can finally share my first or my many secrets (well, not many, but quite a few!)!!!

Secret Numero Uno. Here we go! (It may not be that great of a secret to you, but to us, it's GREAT news!)

We officially have an offer on our house!

We found out last Saturday that someone came through the house and absolutely fell in love with it. We knew that they were going to talk to the bank and wanted to go through it again on Friday. Our realtor told us that she had already typed up a preliminary offer and was just waiting for them to sign it at the 2nd showing.

They came through it again tonight and signed the papers right then and there! (I couldn't say anything about it because you all know how that works- once you say something about it- it falls through and doesn't happen....I didn't want to get my hopes up....)

 It has been on the market for 273 days (according to of course!). We thought an offer would never come!

We've had on average 3 showings a week, but have not had any luck (all thanks to great curb appeal!). We have been waiting and waiting and waiting on God's timing- trying not to get frustrated and trying to be patient. It has been a struggle to say the least. (2 small children don't make it easy to keep the house clean enough for showings!)

Over the past 9 or so months, we have been in limbo- not knowing where we are going to go, when we are going to have to go, or what we are going to do- but now it is coming all together.

However, we still have a lot of hurdles to jump to actually get this house closed on.

We are doing a short sale. Therefore, the bank has to approve the offer (that is less than what we owe on the mortgage.) The approval process could take up to a month, and then closing could take another month. There are many papers and documents that need to be turned in and approved by everyone involved, and it is quite a lengthy process.

Although this is not the ideal way that we wanted to sell our home- we are thankful to be out from under it. We are excited about where God will lead us- in terms of a rental with low/no maintenance costs and hopefully low utility expenses (our current house is over 100 years old- enough said!).

So....there you have it....Secret # 1 is out!! (I'm sorry if that was a disappointment to some)

I'm hoping to be able to share Secret # 2 on Tuesday or Wednesday (if everything goes according to plan!)


Carla Sue said...

:) Love ya and praying!

Stephanie said...

You get to leave your furry friend!!

Hippie_Mama said...

Congratulations and I totally hear you about the expensive utilities of an older house. Our house is like 105 years old. Our last bill (Damn winters in Montana!) was almost 200 dollars!! Ouch! Hope everything goes through fast and without too much stress on your family's behalf. Have a great weekend with your kids! :)

Stephanie, Daughter of the Risen King said...

I hope ya didn't tell them that you use the dryer as a heat source in the winter! So happy for you. His timing is perfect on all things, right? Can't wait for secret #2. Did you paint your grass? Everything is still so darn dead here in OK. ugh. They call this Green Country? To a girl from the Palmetto State this place is brown country.

brooke said...

ADORABLE HOUSE!! I am so glad that stressor is hopefully one less thing on your plate

Carolina Carters said...

The house is adorable! Congrats on the offer and good luck! The whole selling, figuring out where you're going and when thing is so stressful. Hopefully it will all be over Very soon! :)


Shawn Becker said...

Your house is so cute but I am so happy that you are getting out from under the burden of maintaing it.
#1 was a great surprise, can not wait for #2.

Beth W. said...

Praise the Lord!! I will keep praying that things flow smoothly. I hope surprise #2 is what I think it is... ;0)

Amy said...

I'm so excited for you Jill!!!!! This is awesome news, I know how badly you wanted/needed to get out from under that house. WOOT!

Kat Gott said...

Hi! I haven't read your blog yet. I'll try to get around to it. I'm here because I just saw your interview on Mompetition. I wanted to tell you that I support you. Women that I love have faced the same trials of losing a child. I thank God everyday that I have a healthy child, and I will pray that God continues to strengthen you against mindless hat! Have you heard the song "Held" by Natalie Grant? God bless you and yours!!!

Kat Gott said...

Sorry... I'm not praying against mindless hats! LOL I meant mindless hate.

Jessica said...

thats sooo exciting!! congrats!!

The Cox Family said...

Yay!!!! So happy for you guys! Praying everything works out as planned!

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