Thursday, February 17, 2011

Whirlwind of a Day

I'ts 4:44pm and this is the first chance I've gotten to sit down all day. It has been an insane day and I'll be thankful when it's OVER! :o)

The day started off with a conference with Caleb's preschool teacher. We've had some concerns about his speech and language development lately that we wanted to talk with her about. We are trying to decide what to do about next year. Continue him onto Kindergarten or keep him in another year of Preschool. He seems to be doing well academically, but is a bit "immature." He's struggling with fine motor skills and using the proper language to express his frustrations. We have yet another decision to make now- whether to keep him where he's at or move him on. We are totally OK with keeping him in another year of preschool if that is truly what he needs, we just want to figure out what is best for him. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

After the appointment at preschool, I called my mom to check up on her and see how she is doing. She has been in bed for 3 days with a NASTY case of the flu (or something with flu-like symptoms.) I took her to the doctor yesterday- she was too weak to even drive herself. She's not been able to keep even the smallest amount of fluid or food in her since Monday afternoon. I tried to convince her to go to the hospital yesterday, but she didn't want to. So when I called this morning to check on her, she said she wasn't doing much better. I made her call the doctor who then told her to go ahead and go to the hospital.

I picked her up around 10am this morning to take her into the ER. She was promptly given an IV and some Zofran. They did some blood cultures and collected some other samples. (They are testing for C-Diff as well as some other crazy stuff...we don't think she has it, but who knows..) So far, what we know is that she was (obviously) severely dehydrated and now has poor kidney function. They are assuming that the kidney function is because of the dehydration, but they wanted to admit her for the night to make sure.

She was finally admitted around 3:45 this afternoon. I helped her get settled into her room on the floor (as I was quietly panicking inside from being in a hospital setting and being surrounded with all of the equipment that kept Joshua alive for so long...) After all of the paper work was signed and filled out and she was settled and getting drowsy I decided to go home (thankfully Shane had the day off and was home with the kids). Hopefully my dad and/or brother will be able to get there soon (they were both working all day yesterday and today). I don't like that she is there alone, but there isn't much that I can do other than sit there. Plus, the hospital is only 2 minutes away from our house so if I have to get there quickly I can.

I'm thankful to be home now, cooking supper, and spending time with Shane and the kids. I don't know how I sat in that hospital for 51 days with Joshua. I'm drained from doing it for just 6 hours....I used to sit there for 17-18 hours a day when Joshua was wonder I was exhausted and unable to function for the entire month of October after he died...

I hope tomorrow I will be able to do a "real" post! For today I'm pooped!


Peach said...

Praying for your family. What a hard day!

Melinda said...

Prayers for your mom! My mom just recently went through a "health situation," so I know how hard it is.

Jessica said...

praying for your mom! Hope she is better soon!

Amy said...

Ack! Jill, what a day!! Let me know if you want to reschedule Saturday, ok? I don't want to add stress if you need to focus on your mom right now.... {{hug}}

Beth W. said...

Rest and know that your mom is being taken care of. Praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

For maturity we held one son back in kindergarten and one back in 1st. Please wait until 1st grade because they start learning so much more then. And maybe by then he'll have caught up maturity wise. I think if we would have waited Til first with our oldest son he would have been fine and not had to be held back.

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