Friday, February 18, 2011

Somebody Really Should Potty Train This Kid

You know it's time to potty train your kid when:

1. She changes her own diaper.
2. She comes running up to you with a new diaper and wipes in hand and says "Mooooommmmm! Change my diaper!!!"
3. You have to fight her to put a diaper on.

Now, if I could just find the motivation to do it!

I would totally hire someone to come potty train for me....are there any professional potty trainers out there?! (yeah....i'm that lazy....)


Amy said...

LOL! Sean was relatively easy to potty train (which means Evan is going to be a bear to train... can't wait!). Umm... have you tried letting her run around in underwear? Or naked? We did the "boot camp" thing and just put Sean in underwear when we PTed him and the first day he went through 12 pair. The second day was 5 pair. The third day was 2 pair. We used M&Ms as a bribe.

Heather said...

I say just put her in "big girl pants" set up the potty seat and go about it that way! Sounds like she is ready FOR SURE! She's a smartie no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Our preschool teacher potty trained our daughter in a week.

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

Caleb was super easy to potty train as well.

Our problem with Hannah is that she likes the pretty's a treat when she goes in her undies because then she gets to wear a new pair of pretty ones...maybe i need to go buy some plain white ones or some boy ones...put her in the pretty ones, and if she makes a mess then she has to wear the ugly ones the rest of the day...

Anonymous said...

No just keep putting pretty underwear on her everytime she gets them wet. It worked for Trey and his Thomas underwear. I just took the diaper away as an option and he eventually got the hang of it.
(this is Tia)

Meg said...

It sounds like she'll be easy to train! Good luck to you. I struggle to get motivated with potty training as well. The end is worth's just getting there.

Christy said...

There is a really old book out there called, "How to Potty Train in Less Than A Day." Our son was at about the same point it sounds like Hannah is at and we used a lot (but not all) the tips in this book and the first day he had 3 accidents, second day he had 1 accident and since then he has had 2 accidents. . . that was over a month ago! Just a suggestion. . . cause I was dreading potty training too!

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