Friday, February 4, 2011


This week has been a crazy week for us. (all of my posts this week were prewritten and kept in my "just in case files"- gotta love the schedule post option!) It started off with the blizzard. We got about a foot or so of snow which seemed to have come in 3 layers. White and fluffy covered by a layer of ice covered by another layer of wet and heavy snow.

We prepared to lose power and collected all of the candles and flashlights that we possibly could. Thankfully we didn't need them. However, our town declared a level 1 weather emergency and we were not allowed to leave the house to travel anywhere without risking being ticketed. Thankfully Shane got off work early on Monday, was able to stay home Tuesday and Wednesday (his store was closed both days) and went back to work yesterday. Thankfully we will be getting more back from taxes than we expected, so that will off set the cost of not working for the past few days. It was nice to be home as a family.

We've also been sick at our house this week.

It started with Hannah. Tons of really nasty diapers, high fever, and then a rash. She was pretty much miserable, but thankfully continued to have a good appetite and ate and drank like a champ! Thankfully no hospital visit was needed this time!

Now it's moved on to Caleb. He came down after we had put him to bed last night, climbed up on the couch and the next thing we knew- he was puking everywhere. He conveniently puked all over our laptop (I can still smell a faint sour smell as I type...), all over my cell phone, all over the couch and the floor. It was lovely to clean up, let me tell you.

He spent the night puking his little heart out last night. We camped out in the living room all night,- he slept on the loveseat that we covered in a few lawyers of towels and the puke bucket right next to him. Poor kid was miserable. 

There is nothing worse than seeing your kid sick and not being able to do anything about it. 

It's Caleb's 5th birthday tomorrow! We were going to have a party for him, but I've had to reschedule in hopes of not passing this nasty bug around!

I hope this weekend brings lots of healing for our family! We are ready for this sickness to GO AWAY!

Next week is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week. While I believe in spreading awareness, I don't believe in shoving it down people's throats. I am going to post 3 posts next week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday highlighting some of the important information about Congenital Heart Defects. Awareness is extremely important to help raise funding to help end CHD. I hope you will take a few moments next week to read and learn about CHD.


Peach said...

Tough week, I'm so sorry!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday to Caleb! I pray all of you will soon be well.

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