Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just My Luck

Seriously. I do really love my life. We never have a dull moment.

Today we had a play date with about 20,000 kids (actually more like 10) and 7 amazing Mama's.

I got home with the kids around 5:00 this evening.

When I got home, I sat down on the couch for a few mintues.

When I got up, I somehow failed to notice that my left leg was very VERY asleep.

I also failed to notice the blanket bundled up on the floor next to where I was standing.

Do you see where this is headed?!

I took a step and ended up stepping on the top side of my foot.

I fell and caught myself on my numb leg- once again on the top side of my foot. I heard a pop and down I went.

I got up and was in immediate pain.

I iced my ankle for a while, and after about an hour of throbbing pain, I told Shane that I think I needed to go to the Emergency Room. (I hesitate going because I don't want to pay the outrageous co-pay!)

So, we called my parents who came to watch the kids and off we went.

We were greeted by an awesomely funny nurse who checked my vitals and helped me hobble back to a room to get the old ankle checked out.

My room also happened to be across from this:

A baby scale, in case you were wondering.

A cruel and unusual punishment and form of torture after everything that we have been through...

Shane was extremely excited to be there with me as you can tell from the picture:

They took me back for an x-ray (or 3) in which I had to hold my foot in extremely uncomfortable positions.

After a good looking over, it was determined that I have a really bad sprain.

Our awsome nurse came back in with a prescription for some heavy duty pain meds, and air cast/splint thing, and a very specific instruction sheet:

That's right. She is awesome. I think she is my new hero!!! (ladies- maybe we should start a new trend of spraining our ankles?!)

So for now, I get to sport around these bad boys:

And I get to head back to the doctor on Monday with a possible MRI to see if I tore any tendons or ligaments.

Gosh, I love my life!


Tiffany said...

So glad you're okay. I love reading your blog, you make me the nurse's prescription!

Jill said...

I love pic 3.

Miss you guys.

Carla Sue said...

:( FYI, it was 7 mamas today. :) But the 10 kids was right.

When I spoke to my mom tonight, she told me to tell you to keep up visits with your doctor as follow up. She "sprained" her ankle a few years ago and ended up screwing her tendons all up and the ER never had a after a painful year or two, it finally got all fixed up, but it was a long battle.

I love you. Once you're feeling better and up to it, I promised Isa that she could spend the night at your house. I'm sure "I'm grumpy. It's all my fault" Hannah won't be disappointed that you won't have visitors all weekend. ;)

Mommafo said...

Whaaaaaaaaaat? Lol! Crutches too!? Wow. Lucky gal ;)

StevenSauke said...

OUCH!! That brought back happy memories of the time I slipped on the bus on the way to work, collapsing on the top of my foot...fractured a toe. But the doctor didn't tell me not to do laundry, cook or go shopping! No fair!

Will pray. Get better!

Jessica said...

glad your okay! sorry you sprained your foot! :( I will be praying for quick healing!

Truthful Mommy said...

I hope you heal quickly.Poor mama.Now do as the nurse says and no cleaning,cooking, laundry or errand running for 6 months. Take loads of naps and let Shane spoil you.LOL

Anonymous said...

oh I feel for you! I ruptured my achilles tendon back in July and it is still not right. DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO! I was in a cast for 8 weeks and still limp.

Shannon Egan

MamaKK922 said...

LOVE the Nurse I need her in my life. Sorry you hurt yourself. Man sprains are worse than breaks at times I swear. I tore every ligament and tendon in my left ankle in 2002 it has not healed properly yet. So I do hope you a speedy recovery and hope there is no ligament or tendon damage. No fun. But at least you have that 6 month break now lol.

Lauren said...

Oh no! Hoping for quick healing :)

The Cox Family said...

Girl! Seriously! At least you get a free pass from housework and grocery shopping! Rest up girl!

Paula B said...

And I didn't see you at ER because I was at the front desk from 4 to 8 pm. Shane should have come down my way for candy at the gift shop and then I would have known before now. So not that means Shane has to do all of this while you have your very long recuperation!! I love that nurse whoever she is.

BlessedMommy said...

Poor girl!!! I don't even have words but I'm so happy you've got a sense of humor about it!!


CHD Fighter said...

Poor you ... well I hope that ankle heals up properly but please follow up just to be sure ... YIKES that sounds really painful ... glad you had an awesome nurse and the red ink circling is adorable .... Feel Better Soon!!! <3

Rogue Woman said...

Sprains can sometimes be more complicated than a break. That follow-up appointment is really important I had a sprain that had ligament tearing and was glad the doctor caught it right way.

ChristinetheArizonaIntactivist said...

Oh man! That't resist!

No, but really, I am 45 and I have spent more time in urgent care's and ER's for sprained ankles than any other injury in my adult life.

Fellow klutz here!

brookie said...

I am glad you had a good nurse and I would like someone to write those orders for me. Maybe they could modify them to say "Not being woken up in the morning till ready to get out of bed." That would be great.

Anonymous said...

Love your humor. Love your confidence. Love the nurse's humor. I hope you heal quickly.

Nori said...

I think the co-pay for the trip to the ER was well worth the instructions the nurse gave you.

Hope you heal quickly!

Anonymous said...

Seriously?!? I am so sorry to hear of your accident Jill. I had a sprain once and it was no fun. Praying for you. Your situation is worse than mine (ankle vrs. pacis...!)

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