Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guest Blog Post

This is Carla Sue, a close friend of Jill and Shane. I spoke to them a few moments ago and was granted access to "The Real Life of a Red Head" and was asked to post a small update.

As I spoke to them, Jill and Shane were in the car making the most painful trek imaginable to any parent, with Joshua's body resting in Jill's arms as Shane drove.

Joshua had his last moments this morning at 8:58 in Jill's loving and motherly arms, his place of comfort for these past few painful weeks.

The doctors reassured them over and over that the circumcision had nothing to do with Joshua's death.

His official cause of death was cardiac arrest. Put simply, he has been working his heart since birth. Every day was a stress on his heart and it was just not able to continue. His broken heart just couldn't take it.

The family is anticipating that the showing will be Friday with the funeral on Saturday, but Jill will post in certainty when she is able to do so. If you would like to join the family in rememberance of Joshua's short, but wonderous life, and can make it to the service, they would love to have you.

I have also disabled comments on this post and many previous to save them from the heartache of having to recieve the hateful and hurtful words of those with no knowledge of the family or the situation.
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