Monday, August 9, 2010

Turn over and Scoot Back- Adventures in Sleeping!

It seems over the past few weeks that my husband and I take turns playing the insomnia game. The nights that I sleep well, he sleeps horribly, and the nights that he sleeps well, I don't. (I secretly pray that he gets an AWFUL nights sleep! ha! just kidding of course- I would never be THAT selfish!!)

He had me cracking up last night as we were both trying to fall asleep.

He was telling me that part of his lack of sleep is due to my now normal, night time routines. I wake at 2:00am, then again at 4:30, and possibly again around 6:30 or 7, stumble through the bedroom and find my way to the bathroom. In between potty breaks, apparently I ever so gracefully turn over hurl my body over from side to side, causing him to wake from his slumber.

He tells me that when I turn from my right to left side, I don't follow the turning rules. (who knew there were rules to turning over?!) He tells me the turning over rules are simple and I break them every time.

Rule #1: Turn over using small, swift, and fox like movements. (typical of Shane to compare things to animals)
Infraction #1: I toss my pelvis and lower back into the air an using my heels and an elbow as leverage to get myself flopped to the other side- I also grab the headboard for extra turning over stability. There are no small, swift, and fox like movements coming from this beached whale!

Rule #2: Turn over and scoot back. Return to your normal sleeping space.
Infraction #2: When I turn over, I don't scoot back. I (remember, this is all according to Shane- I beg to differ) turn over and then stay right where I am. So when I originally started on the right side of the bed, by the time I'm done turning over, I'm all up in his sleeping space.

Rule #3: Make sure all body parts are not touching, unless for snuggling purposes.
Infraction #3: Trust me, there is no snuggling action going on unless it's through the body pillow and blankets that are smooshed between our bodies because I'm too darn hot to wear them! According to Shane my belly hangs on his right arm causing it to go numb while he is now smashed between the wall and the bed.

And we wonder why both of us are walking zombies these days! I promised I would try my hardest to follow the turning over rules tonight. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog thru Stef's Blog. I wanted to take a moment and let you know that you are NOT alone. We discovered our precious daughter would be born with a CHD. At the time, they were unable to tell us if it was TOF or Truncus Arteriosus. At her birth we received a diagnosis of TA type II. She had OHS at 12 days old and has since had 2 heart caths as well. She is scheduled for another OHS this January. It was no accident that her second word was "thank you" She is now 2 1/2 and is such a gift from God. While we do not know how long we will have her here with us, we know that our Higher Power watches over her. He sent her to us for a reason - with her half of a broken heart, she is teaching us to love with our whole ones. Prayers and thoughts are being sent your way as you welcome this precious gift into your life - step into the role of heart parent and don't ever look back!

Shannon Egan

Amy said...

This is a perfect example of why my husband refuses to sleep in the bed with me anymore until I'm done being pregnant. We only have a full-size bed, and it's awfully crowded for 2-1/2 people!! It's barely big enough for the two of us when we DON'T have the half person with us, haha!

Carolina Carters said...

That is so funny! Brings back me, the worst part of being pregnant was sleeping! (or lack there of.)

Here's to a good night sleep for both of you!!

HennHouse said...

LOL! He's got rules about turning over? Definitely not getting enough sleep at your house!!

Carla Sue said...

Oh. My. Gosh! I am sitting in my office, reading these, trying so HARD not to snort pop outa my nose from laughing! ;) Especially about your belly making his ARM fall asleep! HAHAH! If only men understood....I'd gladly trade a tingly arm for it...hahahahah! :D

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