Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just to clarify

after a few anonymous comments that have frustrated me, I have decided to take down the leave a comment anonymously option. From now on you will need to at least give your name when you post. I hate to have to do that, but it really bugs me when people leave nasty comments, but won't own their words. If you want to tell me how it is, I'm fine with that, but you better leave your name to back your words up. It's just that simple.

I'm not doing it because I want everyone to agree with me. I always appreciate other's input, even if it's not aligned with what I think or believe. But I simply can't give any credit to the comments that are left with no name.


Amy said...

I only saw one anonymous comment from the other day and I was a bit thrown by it. I never for a second felt that you were being ungrateful for the prayers, I figured you were just processing what most of of hope & pray we never have to process. That said, I don't think praying for complete healing is telling God He made a mistake, as long we also recognize that He may not completely heal (by our standards), or He may do it differently than our standards, which you clearly recognize. But praying for complete healing is just lifting our desires up to God and He wants us to do that. For me, I prayed & prayed for another baby to complete our family, though I knew that He may choose to keep us just as we were (we have fertility issues I won't go into here). By praying for another child, I wasn't telling God I'm unfulfilled or that He didn't bless me enough with the one child I have. I was simply telling Him "Here's my heart's deepest desire, I lift it up to You. Please do something with it: either bless us with another child, or tell me that our family is exactly as You intended." I still pray for complete healing for Joshua, either in the womb or out, whatever God chooses. But you're right: His glory will be shown -- it's already being shown -- either way. Love & blessings to you!!

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

Amy- thank you.

you have brought up a good point that I guess I didn't really think about. Which is stupid on my part becuase I know that we are supposed to present our requests to God. I guess I just really feel like God has given this to us for a reason. But you are right in what you say. Thank you for bringing about that point! :o)

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