Saturday, June 26, 2010

Help me pack!

Since we have a date for the induction, I'm trying to mentally get together a list of things I need to bring with me to St. V's for my extended stay. I was hoping some of you mommies who have been through this could help me out.

I obviously need to bring clothes, nursing bras, nursing pads, toiletries and blankets and booties for Joshua, but other than that, I'm just not sure what to bring! Do I plan on bringing blankets for myself? What about towels? Is there anything that maybe I wouldn't think about that would be especially helpful for my long days in the PICU and NICU?

I know for sure the laptop (if I'd ever get up off my butt to get it fixed) will come with me, and I've got a few books that I may bring along, other than that, HELP!!!!!

What did you find especially helpful to you during your long stay? Advice is appreciated! :o)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, not knowing my twins were coming 6 weeks early, I was completely not prepared. They stayed in the NICU, I in my room. I delivered at Dupont in FW (great hospital)and the NICU rooms were private which was the greatest gift ever. As far as what to take, the same items you took w/ your other children. They didn't really dress the babies for a few days because they are on warmer tables and they need to have access to their little bodies at all times. They did standard things every few hours such as check body temp, check monitors, iv's. My twins did not have surgery, but I would think this would be some of the similar things they might do for your little guy. Take something uplifting to read. If you are not able to nurse and want to pump, they should provide everything for you, including pump, pads, bags, etc. Even after I was discharged and twins stayed, the hosp still provided all of these items. You may call them to find out ahead. It saves you a lot of money if they will provide. Also, ask if they have refridge in the room to store your milk. My twins are healthy and were even from birth, they stayed in NICU for 8 days because they had to hold a high enough body temp and eat a certain amt. of milk before we were allowed to take them home. Therefore, I do not understand the pain you are feeling now or will feel then and wouldn't try to tell you I do, just know although we have never met, (I stumbled upon your blog months ago) I will be praying for you and your family. My twins just turned 2 in April. When my youngest twin (by 1 min.) was 18 mths old, we found out she has CP. I have no way to describe my feelings about this, because I still do not know quite how I feel, if that makes any sense at all. The most annoying thing people say (even if they mean well) is God must have thought we could handle and that is why things are this way. I think God gives us grace and peace to deal w/ lifes difficulties, but that statement doesn't sit well w/ me. One of my daughters physical therapist gave her a little sign that says "Sometimes even miracles take a little time". I fully agree. I still believe everyday my daughter will wake up and the scarring on her brain will be completely gone. I will never give up the hope of a miracle in her life and pray the same for your son. After all, Jesus gave a blind man sight and raised a man from the dead; therefore, I think he can handle our little ones. Take care.

Christine said...

I have no idea, but can you send me your final list *grin*

Mommy K said...

Socks/slippers, button down the front onesies for baby (because of the monitors), books, a JOURNAL for keeping track of progress, feelings and Dr talks, bible, your own shampoo/conditioner if you are picky, Lanolin lotion (pumping can be rough if you have to do that), a soft blanket for yourself to cuddle with (hospital ones are rough), camera/video camera and chargers/batteries, drawings from your kids to baby and you to put up (made me feel better when I was away so long). If I think of anything else, I'll let you know!

hazel and ej said...

if you can find the "kimono" style shirts--the ones that opens in front (without buttons and snap locks ) babies r us and bye bye baby usually have these, it will be very helpful. Elijah had these shirts and when we were given the chance to clothe him , it was a big help, you dont have to take it off for x-rays unlike the normal onesies.
Starting a journal was very therapeutic for me, i wrote elijah letters and up to this day I still do that, I plan on showing it to him when he is much older.. it would also be handy when you need to write down questions for the doctors.
please pack blankets and socks not just for joshua but for you as well, it will certainly be more comfortable for you while in the ICU.
Your family especially baby Joshua will be in our prayers..

hazel-mom of elijah

Anonymous said...

EAR PLUGS!!! It is impossible to get a good night's sleep with the hospital noise. After one night at Riley I made STeve go get me some. There is just too much commotion all the time. Stacy

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