Friday, June 25, 2010

The countdown begins!

August 16th is going to be the big day! We have to be down in Indianapolis at 6:30am for my scheduled induction!  (we will probably get a hotel the night before so we don't have to leave at 3:30am!) At this point there is no reason for a C-Section, so our goal is to have a natural (drug induced) birth!

It feels so good to have a date to be working towards and that we can plan around. I feel like I can finally start thinking about what to take, what to pack, and who to get to care for Caleb and Hannah.

Joshua's first open heart surgery will be sometime that week. Probably that Thursday or Friday, depending on how well he is after the birth. I will update as we know more about exact dates.

I have to say, I'm so excited to finally meet this baby of mine who has stretched and helped me grow in so many ways. I am so excited to care for him, even if it's just rubbing his head and hands for the first week or two. I'm so excited to see his sweet chubby cheeks and to tell him I love him. I'm excited to pray God's promises over him. I'm excited to see what our new normal will be, and how perfectly he will fit into our family.

Just thinking about his arrival brings me to tears. Knowing what he is going to have to go through, and how strong he will be. How, in the first few days of his life, he will have gone through more than I have gone through in my 26 years of life. Knowing that this child is loved by so many, and that God is holding his future in His hands. Knowing that I have been chosen to be the mother of such a special baby- who I pray will have an immense impact on everyone he meets. August 16th is going to be the most beautiful and heart wrenching day I will ever experience. I can't wait!

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The Hoitsma's said...

this little guy is going to have a very busy first week of life! i absolutely cannot wait for you to hold him in your arms and snuggle him for hours! that will feel like such a reward for you. :) joshua is in my prayers always!

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