Thursday, May 6, 2010

The thoughts just keep coming....

Shane and the kids are wrestling. They are laughing. I am laughing. Yet the thoughts come.

Shane is tossing the kids onto the couch after tossing them around in the air. Yet the thoughts come.

Caleb and Hannah are squealing and laughing and begging for more. Yet the thoughts come.

Will Joshua be able to wrestle with his dad, his brother, his sister?

Will the fear of hurting him ever go away?

Will the worry associated with having a child with a defective heart ever lessen?

Will he feel different than his brother and sister?

Will he be able to do the same things with them?

The thoughts keep coming. The fear of the unknown keeps coming. The constant need to hand it over to God keeps coming. Will all of this continue coming?


The Cox Family said...

Blog for my friend from church whose child was born with a heart defect. He has had two open heart surgeries and will probably need another one. She is a great resource. I know she would LOVE to talk with you. Not the same defect, but scary none the less.

Hannah K. said...

I think that you already have two amazing and caring kids. When Joshua is big enough to play with them, they will care about him enough to play games that he is able to participate in. They will not leave him behind because they will love him every bit as much as you do. :-)

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