Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recap of the past year...May 2009-May 2010

1. Found out I had a tumor of my ovary the size of a tennis ball. Had surgery to remove tumor, ovary, and tube. Thankfully it was not cancerous. Put me out of work for 6 weeks.

2. Lost my job. Due to lay offs with the school district I was in, as well as being on a temporary contract, I did not have any job lined up for the following fall. Interviewed for numerous positions, was always told I was in the top 5, but there was someone who always had more experience than me.

3. Started working for my church in August after 3 months of being completely unemployed. (working for my church is NOT a bad thing, just a huge hit financially.) Had to make my first ever trip to the food pantry for food for our family. Talk about humbling....I was in line with most of the same people I serve at the clothing ministry.

4. Got pregnant (again....not a bad thing, just scary due to our lack of funding)

5. Shane burned our kitchen down. I was 10 weeks pregnant. Decided to do the remodel on our own to save money.

6. At 11 weeks pregnant, I rushed to the ER gushing blood. Found out that I had a 3 cm Subchorionic Hemorrhage and was told that we were going to lose the baby.

7. At 12 weeks, the hemorrhage had grown to over 7cm (in 5 days) and we were told that it was just a matter of time before the baby passed.

8. Was placed on modified bedrest, not allowed to work, for 6 weeks. Once again, had no income on my part, but still had full time childcare expenses, bills to pay, and student loans.

9. All forbearances on my school loans expired. We applied for extensions, but had used the maximum amount of months allowed for forbearance. This then added an extra $700/month to our expenses.

10. Denied for food stamps, TANF, medicaid, childcare vouchers because we make "too much."

11. At 14 weeks pregnant, I was sent to a specialist in Fort Wayne for the SCH (subchorionic hemorrhage.) Was not horribly impressed with him, but was told that he is really good (not to mention he is the only specialist within 100 miles). I met with him one time, and then he left the practice. No warning. I was told by my referring doctor that he left, the office didn't even call to tell me, and was left scrambling for a doctor who could provide care for me and baby Joshua. While at the appointment with the specialist, he noticed a glowing spot on the baby's heart. We were told it was nothing, but he wanted to keep an eye on it.

12. At 17 weeks pregnant, my knee started acting funny. Went for my 2nd ER visit to ensure that it was not a blood clot. It was just water on my knee...Painful, but completely harmless. It's still there, although not quite as painful as it was!

13. At 22 weeks pregnant, we were referred to a specialist in Indianapolis (2 hours away) to get a better look at baby Joshua's heart. We were given the diagnosis of a rare and severe heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. We were told that within days of his birth, we would have to have the 1st of 3 open heart surgeries. Recovery would be 4-6 weeks in the NICU. Delivery and surgeries will take place in Indianapolis. (we also found out that the hemorrhage is still present)

14. Due to our lack of income, we are moving to a house that will be cheaper for us to live in. We are renting our house out to a group of college students. Our move date is July 1, and baby Joshua will be born the 2nd week in August. We still have major projects to finish to get our house move in ready for the college students.

15. Just received a letter from the IRS saying that we owe $423 for our 2008 income taxes. Due May 26th. After calling the unemployment office (this was a matter of "unclaimed income" on our part) I find out that the unemployment office messed up my 1099-G form that reports my earnings to both myself and the IRS. We are still waiting for a new 1099-G form to be sent to both myeslf and the IRS.

This is not a post complaining about all of the bad things that has happened to us in the past year (although I do think it is quite humurous!!!). This is a post to remind me of where we have been, and how God has carried us through. There is no reason we should even still be in our home at this point. God has provided for our every need, even if it was through the food pantry and the help of others. This past year has not been an easy one for us. We have had many days of just wanting to throw in the towel and calling it quits. However, God is faithful, and sometimes, when clinging to our faith was all that we could do, it was enough and it was all that God asked of us.

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Leah said...

Years from now you will look back and love the memories of this year of trial, because you will have come thru to the otherside stronger in God than you ever imagined. With a godly husband and three beautiful children who love Jesus.

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