Thursday, May 13, 2010

Night Night Rituals

Every night when we put the kids "night night" Caleb always does 2 things.

1. He asks us what we are going to do downstairs while he is in bed.

2. He plays the "I have to tell you a question" game. This game includes jumping out of his top bunk, climbing over the baby gate, coming down the steps (all 3 things are done in the dark) and coming to ask "tell" us a question. The question usually being "Whatcha watching?!" (after having to try to think long and hard about a question for us.)

Here is the what we do Shane (my 28 year old husband) does after the kids go "night night!"

That's right. He sits in Caleb's spiderman chair and plays X-Men video games!

We live a wild and crazy life I tell you!

What do you do when your kids go "night night?" (PG-13 rated comments only please! hehe!)


The Cox Family said...

Ha! That's so funny! I watch tv and play on the internet. Fun, huh? I guess I should be doing something productive, but no!

Leah said...

I catch up on your posts. Do laundry that I forgot til last minute so we can cover our bodies the next day. Catch up on my soaps. Not exciting but cheap and somewhat productive, one out of three anyway.

Avery Tales said...

That picture is HILARIOUS!! I rarely make it up much later than than our little guy these days. However, when I do manage to stay awake I usually catch up on the shows we have on the DVR.

Molly Alisa Photography said...

I edit photos, sometimes I play on the internet. Lately I've been watching Weeds. On Fridays, I watch double episodes of Dateline. On Saturdays, I watch 48 Hours. Nothing too exciting here.

I love that picture. It's so funny that he sits in Caleb's chair! Hahahaha. Shane makes me laugh.

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