Thursday, May 20, 2010

If I were a cussing woman....

I would have a few choice words for my good friends at the IRS.

Our tax issue, is in fact our fault. We didn't fill out the right info, therefore we owe a butt load of money in a total of 6 days.

Shane and I decided that we were just going to eat it and pay the interest and penalties for carrying a balance and that we had no other choice but to make payments. We don't have the money up front. We figured that we would try to pay about $50/month until it was paid off.

As we were reading the information about making payments, we then discovered that every credit card or check payment that we make to pay off the balance comes with a fee of $105 dollars to process the transaction. So our $50 payment would end up costing us $150 each month. We technically don't even have the $50/month to pay, and def. don't have the $105 for the fee. After just 4 months of paying the payment and fee we will have paid more than double what we owe just in stupid fees......SERIOUSLY....HOW ARE WE EVER SUPPOSED TO GET AHEAD?!

I guess I'm headed to Wells Fargo tomorrow to see if I can get a $600 loan to pay the dumb thing off in one payment. The interest we would owe on the loan, even if it's 20%, would be less than we would pay on the stupid fees.....KILL ME!

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