Wednesday, May 19, 2010

God is Working in the form of a Defective Heart

God is working. Yesterday He made that very evident to us. Here is a somewhat brief summary of how His hand has been guiding us.

1. We met a family through the internet that is down at St. V's. The baby just went through the first surgery. He is 4 weeks old and doing wonderfully. Just looking at him, you would never know what he has been through in his short and miraculous life. His mom was just as equally amazing. We spent almost 2 hours with her and Shane and I came away from meeting them with such encouragement, hope, trust, and excitement! The best part of it all is that the mother and baby both had/have the same exact doctors and surgeons we will have. They are in the same facility that we will be at. That is more than just coincidence. God planned that and we give Him the full Glory for that!

2. The Cardiologist (Dr. K) is going to be Joshua's cardiologist until further notice. He was the doctor that gave us the intial diagnosis, he was the doctor we met with yesterday, and he will continue to be Joshua's doctor- although he is not the surgeon. He so far seems to be a wonderful man, and we trust his decisions and advice fully. We prayed that God would give us that sense of trust and peace about the doctors, and He did.

3. We got to get a sneak peak at the NICU, labor and delivery rooms, as well as the postpartum rooms. We got to drive around the campus and find the Peyton Manning's Children's Hospital, and find the Martin House (where I will be staying a few nights a week.) All of the facilities look great and we were so thankful for a very small and brief look around.

4. We were told that we have a best- worst case sceneario. See my previous post for an explanation of this one.

5. We got to take a peek at Joshua through the ultrasound. He is growing and thriving and doing well. He likes to be folded in half with his feet clear up at the top of his head, but I guess whatever floats his boat is fine with me! Gosh I love that little guy.

6. Shane and I got some great time together alone. We had great conversations about how God is working in both of us, as a couple, as a family, and in our community. We laughed together, I cried- he reassured me, we laughed some more, we flicked off cursed the Sallie Mae building together and we were able to just truly enjoy each other's company. It was so great to spend time connecting with him. He is my rock. Without him, I'm not sure where I would be.

7. We are both at peace about Joshua, the surgeries, our future, our finances, etc. God keeps telling us both in very real ways "I've got this under control, you just keep on trusting Me." We are in this together, and God is leading us. He will not let us fall. (we fully realize that we still have some extremely hard trials ahead of us, but God is working.)

Who knew that a defective heart could bring about such change, faith, and love? God is working, and He is working in overtime! Praise Him!


Leah said...

Love the post. Felt like I was reading an page right out of Karen Kingsbury's book. Maybe that is your next avenue, after all Caleb keeps insisting there is a Karen in your future!!!!!

Danielle said...

So happy to hear that everything is going well. I, too want to curse the Sallie Mae building, I have my student loan through them and can't win!

Avery Tales said...

He is good ALL the time, even when it may not seem that way. I'm so glad that you guys are at peace about everything. It will make this journey so much more tolerable.

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