Sunday, May 2, 2010

24 weeks

We have made it to 24 weeks today! A few weeks ago, I could have breathed a big sigh of relief because we are finally to viability in case I went into preterm labor with this stupid hemorrhage.

Although I'm not rejoicing that we have made it to viability (now we have to get to 38 weeks due to the HLHS), I am IN FACT rejoicing in Joshua's life so far. We (still!) have a healthy (squirmy) baby who is slowly taking up more and more room in my big ol' belly. God is doing great works throug him, and today, although not rejoicing that I'm at viability like I had expected, I am rejoicing in his sweet life and all that he means to both Shane and me.

Just stay put in there for another 14 weeks sweet Joshua. Your mommy, daddy, brother, and sister love you very very much. But not as much as your God loves you.

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