Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not much....

I don't have much to post about these days. Life has been busy, and I'm enjoying the distraction. The weather has been beautiful which has allowed for some much needed time outside soaking up the sun.

In all, baby Joshua and myself seem to be doing well. He is growing and kicking, and I'm (surprisingly) actually really enjoying this pregancy. I'm not sure if it's because of all of the complications I've had, or because this is probably going to be my last pregnancy, but I'm enjoying feeling him squirm, and actually looking pregnant.

Shane and I go to Indianapolis on Tuesday for an echo on Joshua. I'm trying to stay positive. God has reminded me over and over that no matter what happens, He has created Joshua perfectly. If that means he's perfectly healthy, great, but if it means disabilities, then so be it. God is good and in control. He has a purpose for everything. I'm excited to have another peek at my precious baby boy! :o)

That being said, I'm anticipating being exhausted Tuesday. Doctor's appointments wear me out because I prepare myself for the worst, and they drain me emotionally no matter what type of news we get. I will try to update on Tuesday when I can, but I probably will not call people personally to tell them about the appointment. It really depends on how I'm feeling and the type of news we receive.

Wednesday I have another doctor's appointment with my regular OB. We'll see how that goes.

Other than that, we are trying to get back to life as usual. I'm back to work, and probably doing way too much, but it feels good. It gives me a sense of normalcy. I know when I have pushed my limits and I ask for help when I need it. I'm just thankful that I'm feeling well again.

Please join us in prayer as we travel the 2 hours to Indy on Tuesday. Pray for baby Joshua, and God holds Shane, Me and Joshua in His hands. Pray for peace no matter what the outcome.


Gramma said...

Got you covered, Sweetie! And sending much love and encouragement. Gramma

Leah said...

Love the fact that you have a few pieces of normal among the uncertainty. Praying for peace this week. Pray for calm and restful nights. Praying the best for your family. God is so good and has carried you this far and I know he will continue to do so!

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