Sunday, April 25, 2010


That is what I'm telling myself tonight. Just to breathe.

The kids are watching a movie, Shane is working on the bathroom, and I'm sitting here not feeling the greatest. I don't know if I'm just tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, or even having some mild contractions. All I know is that I don't feel very well tonight.

I decided to take some of the quietness of my house tonight to spend some time researching the hospital, doctors, and the heart defect itself. I've found some online forums that I've joined, and I'm trying to do research on Ronald McDonald house, and the social workers in Indy who may be able to help us with everything.

In doing all of this, I'm on the verge of being completely and utterly overwhelmed. I feel like I need to research, be educated, so I can make the best possible decisions for my baby. But that research overwhelms me. I need to know what our future will hold, will I need to stay home full time from the time we bring Joshua home from the hospital? Where will I stay while down there? What financial programs are available to help our already struggling family? What can I expect shortly after birth? Is St. Vincent's the best place to have this done? Riley? Boston Children's Hospital? Cincinnati? Who has the most successful experience with this particular type of defect?



Anonymous said...

Sweetie, You do NOT need to know ALL the things you talked about in this blog. Because, if you did, where could God do what He wants to do in your life? Actually, you can't know, and will never know, unless God reveals it to you. I'm sure He'll reveal His plan in His time, and will be there to walk step by step with you then.

As your gramma, I'm praying that you will not concentrate on all those negative things. Satan is bringing these thoughts to try to destroy you. Turn him away with the blood of Jesus. Please don't be upset with me for loving you and suggesting these things and trying to help you in this emotional time. I know you are thankful for what God has given you with this precious new life. You are well blessed. Continue to give thanks. OK?

Love you much.. Gramma

Anonymous said...

Jill, We are praying for the healing of Joshua's heart. Gramma

Anonymous said...

After spending a week at Riley with Dorothy, I can say that the whole facility is absolutly wonderful! They have a Ronald McDonald house you stay at for free and they had free meals every night! The staff was kind and caring to everyone! and they really paid great detailed attention to Dorothy. She was in the PICU and the Heart unit while there, both places are just as wonderful. We loved it there, many comforts of home, at least as much as possible.
Thinking warm loving thoughts and prayers for the whole family, Stacy

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