Tuesday, March 23, 2010



I'm trying not to be emotional and crazy, but I wanted let you all know how to pray for the baby and myself.

Tomorrow at 8:15am EST is my next ultrasound. It is the first in 4 weeks. I have not bled heavily in over a week, and have not spotted in over 5 days.

I'm extremely nervous about this ultrasound tomorrow. We get to find out for sure if the baby is Joshua or "Karen" and we will also find out what this hemorrhage has done. I'm trusting God that He is a God of miracles. I'm trusting that the hemorrhage is gone or at least shunk enough to be managable.

If you feel led, will you please join me in prayer? Pray that everything looks good. Pray that the spot that was on the baby's heart 4 weeks ago is no longer there. Pray that the hemorrhage is smaller or gone. Pray that the fluid levels are good, and that baby is healthy and strong. Pray that if the news is not what I'm hoping/expecting, that I will be at peace about it. Pray for strength for my husband as he is with me and dealing with a lot of the same feelings and emotions. Pray for the doctor as he decides where to go from here.

Pray pray pray.

I will update as soon as I can. If you follow me on facebook that will probably be the first place I update since I can do it from my phone.

Love you all dearly, and thanking God for each one of you.



Avery Tales said...

You have always had my prayers and I'll continue to pray for your visit tomorrow. I know how hard it is to stay calm, but I pray that He gives you peace beyond all understanding. You are doing great! You're 18 weeks and that's such an accomplishment with SCH's. I've been on bed rest since 17 and I'm now 27 weeks.

I have an appointment in the morning at 9:30. Like you, I'm hoping to see a smaller or healed bleed (or bleeds since mine has now split into two segments) and that baby Chelsea is still looking good.

Leah said...

Jill and Shane (Avery tales too), my prayers are covering you, the blessings you carry within you, and your families. I have a sinus infection, am on two prescriptions, can't breath...AND AM TOTALLY ASHAMED that I can/am complaining at my discomfort. I must say I'm praying hard for tomorrows outcome and that my small sinus infection will remind me what truly deserves PRAYER!

I'm praying for peace and a good nights rest. Look forward to tomorrows good news!!!

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