Monday, March 1, 2010

I guess I needed a plan B.

I got a message last Friday night saying that the specialist that I was referred to just up and left. He will be gone at least 6-8 weeks if not indefinantly. No one knows why, all we know is that he is gone.

The specialist's office called me Friday to reschedule for a second time, and they rescheduled me for a week from today. I was pissed. I was supposed to see him today. Then I got the message that he was gone.

I called the specialists office today and asked if it was true. They said yes. I asked them who I was scheduled with and they told me it was with a regular OB in the practice. They didn't even have the balls to tell me that I wasn't scheduled with my dr. They didn't even tell me themselves, that he was no longer available. WHO DOES THAT?! I'm pissed. I would have showed up next Monday expecting to meet with the specialist to find out that it was just with an OB. It just makes me want to cuss them out! I was so mad! Instead I told them that I would not be coming back to that practice and would go to the OB here in town.

So now we are onto plan B. I am scheduled for this Wednesday at 2:15 with an OB here in town. He is the same OB that removed my ovary when I had the big old tumor on it. I'm comfortable with him, and I'm glad that the fiasco with the specialist is done.

Moving on.

It hit me this weekend that I dont' have life insurance. Shane does, but I let mine lapse because of having insurance through the school system that I worked for. Once that job ended, I no longer had life insurance and didn't even really think about it.

I'm not planning to die with all of the complications that I'm having with this pregancy, but the what if's sure are on my mind. I called our insurance carrier today and asked how impossible it would be to get a life insurance policy added right now. She is looking into it and giving me a call back. Friends, if I die without life insurance, please don't let Shane and my kids drown in my debt. Praying that the insurance agent will find something for me. Morbid, I know. My mind shouldn't even go there. (and no, from what i understand, my life is not in complete danger with this complication.)

I'm going on 8 consecutive days of heavy bleeding. I don't know how much more blood I can lose before I am just completely drained. Just praying that all of this bleeding is shrinking the hemorrhage. It's pretty sad when you have to buy more pads when you are pregnant than when you aren't pregnant.


The Cox Family said...

Seriously crazy! Let's add a little more stress to the situation! When you go to the OB you may have them check your H&H to make sure you're not getting anemic. Just a thought...

Molly Alisa Photography said...

How frustrating!!

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