Monday, March 29, 2010

Gown Giveaway

The gown giveaway on Saturday was so much fun, and for our first year, I considered to be a huge success.

We had collected over 300 gowns, and approximately 50 girls showed up for the event! I don't think a single girl left the giveaway without a dress!

If you think about 50 gowns at approx. $200/dress, we helped to save the community of Huntington about $10,000. (Thanks Molly for putting that into perspective for me!)

After the crowed died down, a few girls and I decided to take a look at the dresses that were left...(which by the way we have 250 dresses leftover that we will continue to give away for free until prom)

Here are just a few pics!

hot huh?! Be very jealous of the purple dress with sleeves and all!
Sadly, it was quite a big dress and fit me.... :o(

This was my very favorite dress. Unfortunately it would not have even fit my one leg!
Notice my pouty face. If only I were tiny like that! :o)

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The Cox Family said...

You're preggo! You can't expect to fit in those tiny dresses! I can't fit into my wedding dress anymore if that makes you feel better! I'm so glad it turned out well! I wish I could look through the dresses and try them on for fun! Hehe!

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