Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Confidence Boost for the Fat Woman

So, I've reached the stage of pure frumpiness. All of my regular clothes are WAY too small, and my maternity clothes are WAY too big. I have a few shirts that work well for me, but I'm tired of wearing the same clothes over and over and over and over and over.

I'm also watching that scale go up and and up and up. It's depressing because I watched that scale go down and down and down for so long.

Well, this morning I got the confidence boost I needed. See the picture below.

Not sure what you are looking at?
See below.

This is my bed. When I sat down, said bed fell through the frame......with me on it.... See diagram below.

 Notice that piece one is hanging down, piece 2 is flopping around, and #3 is where both pieces #1 and #2 should be.

That's right. I sat down on my bed this morning to put my socks on and my bed fell from under me.

Such a nice cofidence boost for the whale of a pregnant woman!

Who does this stuff happen to?! Welcome to my life dear friends!


Molly said...

If I wasn't aware of the "doctors orders" I would tend to believe the broken bed was from something else :).

You, that belly, and especially that little babe are growing and beautiful. God is at work....even with broken beds.

Carla Sue said...

If it makes you feel better, once I was at a conference (with STUDENTS), and I went to the bathroom in our hotel room, only to have the toilet seat break in half (and pinch my rear end)...now, that, my dear, is humbling. A broken bed could be from, despite doctors orders, previous "other activites", because truth be told, we're all adults and that baby (as well as the two whom are already running around your house) had to be created somehow. :) Maybe today was just the final little bit it needed to break after years and years of stress on its frame! LOL!

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

man....you guys are a bunch of perverts!!! i didn't even think about the bed being broken because of "pelvic fun." I was more concerned that I'm a fat cow! Leave it to the dirty minds of my good friends!

Thanks for the laughs ladies!

Leah said...

What else are good friends for. I love the previous posts. And I'm sure hubby will love the ego boost!

The Cox Family said...

Our bed used to have these metal pieces that would have to be stretched out to reach the frame. Well, they would always fall over or come off of the frame. We would be ... and bam! It made us learn to be, well, anyway. I remember when we finally replaced those things with wood and real wood legs! Man, made it a lot more ... fun. You would also be sleeping in the middle of the night and bam! fall! It was terrible!

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