Monday, March 8, 2010

16 weeks of huge (successful) hurdles

I am 16 weeks this week. Joshua is 16 weeks this week. When I was diagnosed with SCH (subchorionic hemorrhage) at 11 weeks, making it to 16 weeks seemed literally like it would never come. I prayed that if I were going to lose this baby, that I would lose it sooner than later. I didn't want the waiting, the worry, the pain. But here we are 5 weeks later. 6 or so weeks from viability. My sweet babe tossing and turning around, his sweet heart beating and beating. His little body growing and flourishing. Praise you Jesus for your sustaining power through all of this.

Over these past weeks there has been transformation. Lives affected and faiths challenged. This blog has been a great outlet for my emotions, my fears, my celebrations of the little things. But it has also challenged others to dig deeper in their faith.

Joshua, only 16 weeks old in the womb, has affected lives. He will continue to affect lives whether he lives here or in heaven. I want you to share (if you are comfortable) how your life has been affected by this sweet little one's tiny little life. I want to put together a scrapbook/baby book of how his short and sweet life has challenged others, changed lives, and has been loved. That way, when he is old and gray, he can look back and know that God created him for a purpose -know that his life was meaningful from the very beginning.

If you are comfortable sharing, will you please leave a comment here, facebook me, or email me ( about how you have grown or what you have been challenged by. How his sweet life has helped you to grow or become more mature in your faith. (several of you have already done this and you have inspired me to collect these stories for him.)

In the next few days, I will blog about my specific challenges and growth. Things that I have taken for granted up until this point. How my faith has grown.

Disclaimer: I hesitated to write this post and ask this of you, I feel like it is self centered. I'm sorry if it seems that way. I just want something tangible about this little one's life. We are so close to viability, yet still so far away. Maybe in all of this, there really haven't been that many people who have been affected, I dont' know. All I know is that I want a testament (no matter how big or small) that this little one's life is not insignificant, and that he is destined to do great things. No matter how big or small he may be.


The Cox Family said...

I don't think this is selfish at all! I think that no matter what happens this will be a testament to God's power and mercies!

I know that for me personally, praying for your family and Joshua has made my faith grow. It has caused me to trust God and realize that it is all in His hands. It has strengthened my relationship with Him because I have spent quality time with Him. It has allowed me to share my faith with my kids because we have prayed together for Joshua. One night I saw a post about you having a bad feeling. My kids and I were sitting around watching tv. When I read that post the three of us got down on our knees in the middle of our living room and prayed together over you and baby Joshua. We waited anxiously to hear what had happened and rejoiced to hear that God had granted another day for baby Joshua. We will continue to pray for you and your family! We love you guys!

The Ag Teacher's Wife said...

I am so praising God that you and Joshua have made it to 16 weeks, Jill! In all honesty, praying for Joshua has drawn me closer to the Lord. Right around the time you discovered that you had SCH, I was kind of "blah" in my walk with God. We all have our ups and downs, and I was in a slump. As I started praying for Joshua, I started praying about other things, too. My prayers for you and Joshua opened a line of communication that had been silent for awhile. So, much love to your little family, and you will always be in my prayers!

nabrissa said...

great idea!!! you already have a brief version of his impact on my life!!! His life def. has had an the very least, he helped unite/bring people together parts of The Church from all over the U.S.,very possibly from all over the world, from all walks of life, all ages, all races, etc... it's united parts of the body of Christ for the same purpose, to pray and plead for a miracle on your family's behalf... :)

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