Saturday, February 13, 2010

12 weeks 5 days

Another day down. Another day to go. I'm taking one day at a time and praying as much as possible for God to give this baby just one more day of life.

Here are pictures of my sweet little baby. These were taken yesterday at my ultrasound.

A little 3D action! See the head, arms snuggled next to his head, and little tummy?
Isn't he so sweet?! I'm in love.

My sweet babe. The pillow that it looks like it's laying on is the hemorrhage. See the slight cloud above his forehead? That's the umbilical cord.The white area above his chest are tiny little fingers that are forming. Any one else's heart melting?


This is a face shot of my sweet baby. You can see the eyes and round little tummy. I just hope I get to tickle that sweet baby tummy and look into those precious baby eyes! I love you little one.

12 weeks 5 days. Working our way towards 12 weeks 6 days! Praying for a miracle!


Anonymous said...

Jill - what a beautiful little baby!!
Do we know yet if we are having a brother or sister?
Each day we all are given is a miracle. Praying many days and miracles for your family and this little one.

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

No we don't know...although I refer to it as a he....i have a feeling its a boy...we'll see if that feeling is right! :o)

Gramma said...

Hi Sweetie!

Let's draw a picture in your mind, o.k.? Imagine a beautiful white puffy cloud, that is being held in God's hand. You are laying on this cloud and looking up into the eyes of God. He is smiling at you and whispering to you and telling you to "Relax my precious child. You are safe in my hands as you lay on this cloud. I have you and our precious baby in my control. I know what is best for both of you, and will bring Glory to my name. Relax, breath deep and let me do what I do best." Enjoy those quiet, calming eyes that are looking at you.

The Real Life of a Red Head said...


My goal was to not cry today...thanks for ruining that! :o) Love you!

Anonymous said...

Gramma can draw quit a picture. Great post!

Mommy K said...

Jill, I have been praying for your little one since I heard about your complications. I think sometimes God allows us to walk through a circumstance that will force us to depend on Him daily, even moment by moment, to draw us nearer to Him. I am walking a similar path that requires daily dependence on someone greater than myself. I will continue to pray for you as we both walk our paths into greater love with our Savior.

-Ashley (Mr. Kellogg's wife)

The Cox Family said...

Hey girl! "He" is beautiful!

Vanessa said...

Speaking words of LIFE over your little one!! God is a life giver and I have seen Him do amazing miracles! Keep speaking that life over your babe.

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