Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank you God.....

Every night before bed, I lay with Caleb and we thank God for things. Most nights, the prayers go something like this.

"Thank you God for trucks, Thank you God for pizza, Thank you God for macaroni and cheese, Thank you God for Hannah. I love you God, I love you Jesus, AMEN!"

Tonight Caleb's prayer went like this:

 "Thank you God for God's House (which is what we call church), Thank you God for Mary and Josjef (Joseph) , Thank you God for loving me. I love you God. I love you Jesus. Amen."

How can a mama sit through that prayer without personally thanking God for the love that a 3 year old can have for The God of the universe.

Thank you God for loving my son enough to send Your Son to die for him. Thank you God for the choice of loving You. Thank you God for allowing my child to understand who you are at 3 years old. I love you God, I love you Jesus. AMEN!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet!!!!! <3 -chrissy

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