Friday, January 1, 2010

Let me introduce you......

Since this is a new blog, and I'm not sure who is reading it and who isn't, I want to take some time to introduce you to my family. We each are unique and have our own quirks, but we work and I wouldn't have it any other way.

That's me! I'm a 26 year old wife and mother of 2. I graduated from here with a BS in Elementary Education. I taught here for 2 years on temporary contracts. I loved teaching, but unfortunately after mass layoffs, I was not able to find a teaching position. That brings me to where I am now. Now I'm working for my church as the Director of Shepherd's Closet (a low cost clothing ministry) and as one of the Children's Ministry Coordinators. I love both positions! I am most importantly a follower of Christ. He is at the center of every breath that I take. I strive to live my life for Him and Him alone. A few other random pieces of info about me: 1)I can tell how good a movie is based on how badly my fingernails hurt after the movie is over- yes, I am a nail biter. gross- I know. 2)I have red hair. That pretty much describes my personality. 3) I have some terrible luck. I run over ducks (on accident of course) step on rusty nails, fall down the stairs, drop and break things frequently, turn red in front of large groups of people, and most times have horribly smelly feet. That's me in a nutshell.

Shane is my 28 year old husband of 5+ years and the father of our 2 children. Shane is the Assistant Store Manager here. As he describes it on Facebook "I sell wood." He loves his job, his family, and his Savior. He thinks I'm the most beautiful woman on the face of this earth (although I disagree completely). He looks like he's about 14 and gets asked why he's not in school while working. He's got the spunk of a 14 year old, that's for sure. He is a lover of animals and can tell you anything and everything about any animal. His ultimate dream is to go back to school and become a zoo keeper. He also thinks he is good at break dancing, doing flips, and cooking. Thinks is the key word in that sentence! :o)

Caleb is 3 turning 4 in February. He is my little red headed pistol. He is my emotional and hot tempered train wreck of a child! (I say that with the most love!) He is my oldest and a great big brother. He has the kindest heart and would do anything to make any one happy. He loves dinosaurs, trains, dragons, and all things creepy crawly. He is a great dancer and has lots of energy to keep me going. Since he was born, this child has only needed approximately 8 hours of sleep a day. He gave up naps at about 6 months old and has never gone back to them. He is my night owl and fights sleep with all that is in him.

Hannah is my 18 month old little girl. She is my baby, therefore it is safe to say that she is spoiled rotten! She is a very laid back child, who is gentle, kind, and loving. She is the child that it took over a year for me to feel truly bonded with. Not sure why, but the bonding experience with her took a long time, but now our connection is strong and wonderful. She loves babies, the word "no", running, puppies, and shoes. Her personality is slowly starting to appear and I think we may be in trouble once she hits puberty!

Now that you know a little about my family, click on the comments link at the bottom of this post and leave a comment about your family! I would love to hear from you!
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