Saturday, January 30, 2010

hotel life

Our insurance adjuster called late Friday afternoon. I had been in our house for approximately 2 hours and I was getting dizzy and starting to get a headache. I explained to him that we have 2 little ones and that I'm currently pregnant with my 3rd, and he sent us a check for $1000 for the weekend to stay in a hotel and to cover all food expenses. The previous adjuster that we talked to was not going to give us any stay in a hotel and asked the fire restoration man if "the damage was really that bad." Thank God for Brent (our current insurance adjuster.)

We are currently in a hotel just a few blocks away from our house. When I checked in I explained our situation and they gave us a room at a discounted rate and upgraded us to a room that has a mini refridgerator and microwave. I'm so thankful. It had made being here even easier for us. This hotel also has a pool which has provided hours of entertainment and lots of energy burning activities.

Our house is being treated with an ozone machine. No idea what it's doing, other than it's taking the smell out of the house. That was per orders of the adjuster in hopes of getting us into the house more quickly. We meet with the adjuster Monday morning at 10 and he will assess the damage and make decisions regarding where we stay. I really hope he will allow us to stay at the hotel until the house is cleaned. With 2 little ones running around, they get dirty in all of the soot, and I really don't want to fight the mess. Not to metion that the fire restoration guy told us that everytime we try to clean or touch the soot it gets ground into the walls, cabinets, etc because of the oil on our skin. I really hope that our adjuster is flexible and understands life with little ones and being pregnant.

The fire restoration man was great. There is a lot of smoke damage and the ENTIRE  house will have to be cleaned. They will send out our cabinets to be refurbished, they will send out our clothes, furniture, and toys to be professionally cleaned. They will clean all of the walls, floors, and appliances. The process should take about a week. We'll see how this goes.

I'm trusting that this is a blessing. I'm trusting that God is in control. I'm trusting that even if I never realize the reason that this happened, that God knows. I just want Him to take control. If I attempt taking control, I will go crazy with stress. It is what it is, and God is bigger.

Continue to pray that Shane and I don't stress out. Continue to pray for our finances as we try to figure out the deductible, and how to live based on what insurance gives us- being good stewards of what is given to us. Pray for the adjuster to be compassionate and to truly have our best interest at heart. Pray that the restoration team that works on our house completes the job in a timely maner with no complications. Pray for our children as they are trying to adjust living in a hotel for the next few days. And of course continue to praise God that it was not worse than it was. The only explanation for our house not buring to the ground was that God was physically present in the house- protecting it and keeping the flames to a minimum.

I will update when I know more. Thanks for your support and prayers. They are apprecaited!


DLynn said...

I like helping people figure out financial stuff. I would be happy to meet with you and Shane if you want.

I don't know what your deductible is but for starters I would take some of the $1000 and set it aside toward the deductible.

The Ag Teacher's Wife said...

Still praying for you and your family! Please keep us updated! (((Hugs)))

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