Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frozen in Time

I have been obsessively muddling my way through the Twilight Series. You can blame that one on my dear sweet husband who forced me asked me nicely to watch the movie which then sucked me into the world of vampires and werewolves.

Just recently I finished the final book in the series (do I need to say that I am already missing my Edward time?!). Without spoiling the ending to those of you who may not have finished the series, I want to talk about something that struck me today while driving. (If you are currently reading the series for the first time, you may not want to read this post because it may spoil it....I'm trying to be discreet about it, but I may accidentally give too much info!)

I was thinking about what it would be like to be Bella- I know, this whole post is pretty pathetic! (For those of you that don't know, Bella is the human who falls in love with the vampire-Edward, they marry and have a baby....don't ask!) The relationship with Edward brings Bella into a completely new and crazy lifestyle. Edward (because he has lived for over 100 years) is very wealthy. He is forever frozen at the age of 17 in which he was changed from human to vampire. He doesn't work, he doesn't eat (human food that is), and he doesn't sleep. He never has to face the possibility of death, except when fighting other vampires. Bella is brought into his world and by the end of the saga, she is forever frozen at the age of 18.

This is where my thought process began. I love my life. I love my kids. I love my family. I love my jobs, but if given the choice I would rather stay home and do what I want to do- what person wouldn't?? I don't know what life would be like if we didn't have to worry about money, if I weren't constantly tired due to lack of sleep, if my house weren't in a constant state of disarray because of two small little people living under my care. I can't picture a life frozen at the age of 26.

Part of my brain tells me that a life free of worry, free of pain, free of aging, and full of love and happiness would be absolutely amazing. What I wouldn't give to be able to spend indefinite amounts of time with my family. What I wouldn't give to be utterly in love with my husband, and never have to leave his side. What I wouldn't give to never have to work a day in my life again- money not an object. What worries would we have? How amazing would life on this earth be? How deep would our relationships be with not only our families, but our friends as well. With all the time in the world at our fingertips, can you imagine what life would be like?

Then it struck me. That is what heaven will be like. Life is not all butterflies and rainbows because what would we have to look forward to after death. Jesus paid for our sins so that our eternal life could be just that way. If we didn't have pain and suffering here on earth, why would we need God? We would be our own gods. We would live how we wanted to live and never question our lifestyles. We would have what we want when we want it. Life would be amazing. Life would be empty.

My hope is in Christ. My life is nowhere near easy. I struggle with my marriage, my kids, our finances, and my priorities every single day of my life. Most times, I don't appreciate those struggles for what they are- Temporary. I don't keep my eye on the prize- Heaven. A place where time will be frozen, life will be everlasting, and we will be worry and pain free.

I look forward to that day. I hope to see you there!

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