Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Becoming Friends

My friend Molly and I have been friends for over 6 years. We met when we were both pregnant with our oldest boys. She has been there through thick and thin and she has provided me with such an amazing friendship over the years.

However, it's no secret that our friendship is slightly different.

We laugh at inappropriate jokes, we joke about things that no one else thinks is funny, and when I'm with her, the very small filter that I have between my brain and my mouth seems to disappear.

I used to write a blog on a different blogging platform. We actually met through that blog 6 years ago.

Molly just told me a few weeks ago, that the post made her realize that we were going to be good friends was this post:

To truly enjoy this, you need to click on the picture to make it easier to read.


Leg hair wins the friendship. (and yes...that was true and it really WAS my leg hair in those pictures. I'm awesome like that.)

2 things:

1.) How awesome am I that I would write such a disgusting post for all of the world to see?
2.) How disturbed does Molly have to be that when she read this post, she KNEW we were going to be good friends?

This, my friends, is how true friendships are formed.


Ausmerican Housewife said...

<3 it!

My bestie and I have almost burned her parents house down... twice. Oh my.

Auntie M said...
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Auntie M said...

(My last comment was like one big typo! #deletefailure)

That's awesome!!! You & Molly crack me up! I seriously just want to sit & watch you 2 work some day...or, if that's too creepy (like choosing a friend over her leg hair isn't!) maybe you could just record a day of work with you 2. I'm sure it would be HILARIOUS. You could probably sell dozens, nay hundreds, nay thousands...ok maybe not thousands...of CDs. If it was a particularly funny day, then maybe even thousands of CDs or even DVDs!

Friendships like the one you 2 have are rare and wonderful. I'm happy you 2 found each other.

Enough of that tender stuff...
So, just to clarify, was that the hair from one entire calf OR just one swipe at one part of a calf?? Either way, that's alotta hair! 5 months w/o shaving.
Frankly what I found weirdest is that you KNEW the actual date you had last shaved. Weird...Or is that because you were pg and that was the last time you were able to bend over your pg belly???
Either way--you're silly!

Sweet Seriah said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I knew we would be good friends because after this post, I knew there would be NO messing around. What I see is what I get and that's my favorite quality in a person. :)

I do love you. So thankful for those stupid blogs we had so long ago. And as of this (or last?) month - we've been friends 7 years. SEVEN!!!

That's right. I'll put it on the point sheet. Don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

you guys are so silly!! ~laura

Mellow said...

You make me laugh! :) Sounds like she must be a good friend...the kind we all need!

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