Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Aquaphor,

I just wanted to write to you. I have one simple question for you.  Where in the world you have been my entire life???

You are a recent discovery of mine, by recommendation of Lukey's pediatrician. Let me tell you. I am IN LOVE with you. (don't tell Shane...he may get jealous!)

Your greasy lather stirs my heart and softens my skin.

Your calming balm is heavenly to use on eczema patches, dry lips, diaper rashes, cracked heels, and so much more.

Oh, sweet Aquaphor, my love for you abounds.

My heels thank you for being you.

My sweet baby's bottom thanks you for the sweet relief that you offer.

My kids feet welcome your presence every night- you provide the perfect amount of grease for a wonderful foot massage.

Sweet, sweet Aquaphor.

Where would my life be without you?


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Amy said...

Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? You know how the dad swears Windex cures everything? Well, that's how I feel about Aquaphor. I kid you not, I swear that stuff got rid of a wart on my toe! I hadn't made it to the podiatrist to get it removed and it got dried out & cracked so I put Aquaphor on it with a Bandaid a couple nights and BAM! It's gone. I use it for all the stuff you mentioned too. There doesn't seem to be anything Aquaphor can't fix.

(But I must admit for my feet, I'm a huge, huge fan of Gold Bond Foot Cream, even moreso than Aquaphor on that one)

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