Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quick Update...Again

Sorry that my posts have been about nothing but my dad. His sickness has taken up a lot of my time over the past week.

Here is a quick update.

We were supposed to find out the results of the biopsy today. We waited, and waited, and WAITED....still no answers. It's a bit frustrating having to wait so long- he has been in the hosptial since Wednesday and we still have no answers about what exactly he is dealing with. His oncologist was thinking about sending him home today as long as he was a little more mobile. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with him coming home though. He is still very unsteady on his feet and it will be extremely tiring for him to travel back and forth for his radiation treatments every day.

Yesterday, he was able to sit up in bed and get out of bed to sit in a chair. He is very stiff and his back is extremely sore, but he was able to move around some! We got him into a wheel chair and took him down to the cafeteria for a little bit. It was good to see him out and about.

Last night, after everyone left, he got up to go to the restroom. He lost his balance in the bathroom and fell. Thankfully my mom and 2 other nurses were able to pick him up and get him back to bed. They took him down for x-rays to make sure he didn't further damage his back. Thankfully there was no more damage and he seemed to be ok.

Today, he took a step back with his pain management. He couldn't even sit up in bed without extreme pain. We think most of his pain is due to the fall and we are hoping he will be feeling better tomorrow. Today,  he is thankful for big doses of Dilaudid and Percocet.

He seems to be in good spirits. We've had some extremely difficult conversations as a family, but we haven't let any of that bring us down. He has been surrounded by family since Friday and that has been extremely comforting for him. He has also been receiving cards, phone calls, and numerous messages, emails, and comments. He has been deeply touched by each and every one of them. He has been blown away by the amount of love and support that friends, family, and complete strangers are showering him with.

I'm still struggling with the shock of it all, but I'm at peace. I know that no matter what happens, God is still good. There will be tears and frustration, but that is to be expected. I'm continuing to boldly ask God for a miracle, but I'm also trusting in His plan no matter what.

Thank you all so much for the texts, emails, and messages. I haven't had much time to respond to anyone, but I have read every single one. I appreciate the outpouring of support, encouragement, and prayers.

We are hoping to hear the biopsy results tomorrow. Once we know, I will give you another update!


Dana Sears said...

Thanks for the update, my heart has been thinking and feeling for you all day!
Love you lots Lady!

Kristin said...

Will keep praying for all of you!! Thanks for the updates!

Beverley said...

Been thinking of you....I'll keep waiting along with everyone!! {{Jill}}

Auntie M said...

Gracious! Glad the fall didn't do further damage, but know that probably set off the pain. (I have balance issues and fall often!)
Continue to keep your dad, mom and entire family in prayer. Love to you and yours,

jeaward said...


Hopefully no news is good news. Has he got a
second opinion on what they stated is wrong?
What hospital is he in? As Always- Our prayers
are with him and you and your family.
Jean Williams

Jenny said...

Jill your family has been in my thoughts and prayers a lot this last week. Thank you for updating.

Darby McCormick said...

Sending prayer for strength, peace, comfort and healing for you, your dad and the rest of your family.

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