Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gratitude and Contentment

Things around here have settled into a very new and comfortable normal. Our new home FEELS like home. My husband and my children are my JOY! We are currently working on looking for a new church. Luke is SO close to making his arrival, I can hardly stand the anticipation of it! :o)

I'm finding myself appreciating things in this house that we never had in the old house. Things like a garbage disposal, a range hood, a master bathroom, an attached garage. We did fine without these things at the old house, and we would do fine without them now, but they sure are nice things to have. Even if they aren't technically "ours" because we are renting. This home has been such a blessing to us and the fact that our old house is no longer our responsibility is such an amazing and freeing feeling.

As Luke is growing bigger and bigger, I'm finding that I have needed to start slowing down. At first it was hard for me to admit that I can't possibly do it all. The kids rooms are a mess, the laundry hasn't been getting done every day, sometimes dishes sit in my sink over night, and (heaven forbid- HA!) I've had to mop my kitchen floor instead of the usual hands and knees scrubbing that is my normal mode of cleaning. But it's ok. I'm finding more time to snuggle with my children and simply sit and and talk with my husband. (Not that I didn't do those things before, but I have MORE time to do them now!)

I'm feeling content with the things of life right now. We are in a good place. Yes, there is still stress and grief to deal with but that is just part of life. Caleb is learning how to read his very first words, Hannah is so full of life and love, Joshua's pictures around the house remind me to continue loving fully and taking nothing for granted, and my swollen belly and waiting crib remind me that there is, in fact, a future for us. My husband's gentle love for me and our children are a constant reminder of God's love for us, and the blessings that He has brought- even in the darkest times of our lives.

I'm thankful for where we are right now. I'm thankful for the peace that God has placed in my heart. I'm excited about what is to come next and I'm trusting that He is near.

This is a good place to be, indeed.
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