Friday, October 28, 2011

38 weeks


Still pregnant.

38 weeks pregnant to be exact.

With, really, no end in sight.

At my OB appointment on Wednesday, I was 2-3cm dilated. That's about it.

I guess that's a good start.

Last Sunday I thought for sure I was going into labor. Contractions, loss of a plug, some blood (I know...I'm sorry....TMI.)

But since then?


Back to the boring life of cooking a baby, waddling around, wondering, and wearing the same 2 shirts every day because that's all that I have that fit!

I guess we just continue to wait and trust that he will come when he's good and ready.


McEngland like the McCountry said...

You've def dropped since the last side view pic! I'd put my $ on the weekend. Sending lots of love!

stardustdawn said...

Soon! The waiting is sooo hard!

Lis said...

Wow, how low can he go? Sorry you're miserable but I guess that's all part of it. Blessings ~

Auntie M said...

@Lis haha! How low can he go?!? I was thinking the same thing!!! Jill that boy may just drop out when you least expect it!
There is an end in sight! I promise!

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