Friday, July 22, 2011

Here I Am!!!

Here I am!!!! Youuu Whoooo!!!! Over here!!!! Remember me????

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been super lazy this week.

I'm going to blame my laziness on the triple digit heat.

For the record, that says 106. We are in Indiana people....Indiana....

Or maybe I've just been busy- a trip to Indianapolis, playing Backyard Monsters obsessively with my friend Molly (don't mess with us- we are on a mission to conquer the WORLD and we are UNSTOPPABLE!!!), and baking new treats such as this:

Yes. It's ok to be jealous. But if you are feeling motivated- HERE is the recipe!

I've also been growing this: (a still unnamed and COMPLETELY HEALTHY baby boy who seems to be sucking my every last ounce of energy from every molecule of my body)

Yup. 24 weeks and already looking like a house. And yes, Hannah is more than likely picking her nose.

I've also been cleaning up floods from a backed up garage drain and kitchen sink drain- waiting (im)patiently for 3 days for our maintenance man who will be here in an hour. Apparently an hour to him is equal to 72 hours in real life time.

It doesn't look like much, but when it accumulates, we have a real mess on our hands!

And lastly, to keep the kids sane in this lovely weather- I've become a fort building extrodinaire.

Look at those mad fort making skills. Boo-ya!

I promise. Next week, I will be back. I have a giveaway, and few other posts in the works.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go train my  monsters and update my village. World domination is MINE!!!!!!


Anonymous said...'re killing me with the yummy food from

You know I'm going to have to go make this now...*sighs, waddles off to cook*

LOVE the prego picture!!! <3


Mommafo said...

Looking good!!

Peach said...

Chocolate *dies* I'm so hungry, and that looks delicious! Speaking of delicious, hey there hot mama! ;)

El said...

We LOVE forts here! My BFFs son loves my forts- he told his mama she couldn't do it as good and I did.. hehehe

David'sMommy said...

This was simply histarical!

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