Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

Today, our little Promise is 15 weeks! In the next few weeks, we will know if we will be buying pink or blue!

I choked at the gas station this morning. Not because of the price of gas, or how much I spent. But because I swallowed a piece of my food the wrong way. I seriously thought I was going to have to ask the lady in the car next to me to do the Heimlich.

Speaking of gas. Hannah had a serious case of it yesterday. I think it's a bit sad that I am excited to pay $3.62/gallon. I was able to fill up my tank for $79! wooooo!!!!!!

I just spent $35 at the grocery store. I bought a pack of razors, a bottle of shaving cream, 2 pkgs of strawberries and blackberries, and toilet paper. Where does that money go?! yowzers!

Today is Caleb's last day of Preschool. I can't believe my first born will be in Kindergarten next year. Where has the time gone?!

Have you seen this website? If you are a pet lover, this is just for you. I may or may not think you are crazy though! Yup that's right. Pet care for after the know...because those who are left behind won't have anything else to worry about.

We move in 12 days! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!

If you are thinking about buying a house, I would highly DISCOURAGE you from getting financed with Wells Fargo. They have been horribly difficult to work with. Let's just say they just threw away over 100 pages of documentation that they need for us to do a deed in lieu of foreclosure and closed our case. Now we have to start over from scratch. FAIL Wells Fargo...FAIL!

Hannah has been doing a fantastic job with her potty training!!!! woot woot!!!!

I'm not sure how much I will be around this next week. Packing (and quite possibly potty training) is taking highest priority!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Angela said...

For the record I can't stand Wells Fargo either. You finance with them and they can't figure things out so they raise your payment before the first one is even due.

Amanda said...

We had wells fargo for a car loan a million years ago (ok, more like 10, but it feels like that long). Long story short, we got screwed over by them and JAG told us to file a lawsuit, but Chip didn't want to because we were moving. I think they are shady and I will never do business with them again.

I can't believe you're paying $3.65 for gas!! We're still right around $4 here. I was afraid I was going to have to offer my first born here soon.....

Peach said...

Whoo, busy busy! Yeah, Wells Fargo is not my #1 choice either, about ten years ago the one in our area had an employee had embezzled a small, but significant amount. Instead of going to court they charged misc fees to a few of their wealthier account holders. My husband included.

Here's to you having an amazing weekend as well, and hope the potty training/move goes well!

Lis said...

Wells Fargo screwed us and then sued us, yeah not big fans...This was a wild post to read, subject kept changing without warning and adrenaline was pumping toward the end! Pray you have a blessed weekend, smooth move, successful and brief training session, followed by some down time!

Aaron said...

i have never had an interaction with a bank where i did not afterwards feel that i should have been more liberal in applying vaseline to my anus beforehand. unless you have a contract to sell the house, walk away from it and take the credit hit. they don't care about you; why should you care about them?

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