Thursday, April 21, 2011

Starting Over

We had an offer on our house.

It fell through.

We are left to decide what to do next.

We can't stay in this house.

We can't be hit with another $800 gas bill (which thankfully we had the money to pay- but we can't keep doing it.)

We can't spend another summer wondering if this is the year we will need to replace the air conditioning or if this is the winter that we will need to replace the furnace.

Shane and I both agree it's time to walk away. (and we are surprisingly at peace about it- disappointed yes, but at peace.)

We have had the house on the market since late June (or maybe early July...i don't really remember.)

We have only turned down only 2 showings and we were averaging about 4 a week.

We have been aggressive with lowering the price.

We have begged the mortgage company on numerous occasions to work with us and help come up with a payment plan that would work. They refused. 

There isn't much we can do at this point.

It's time- Time to walk away.

There have been so many good things happening lately, I was expecting a "No." I would rather this be the "No" than a no with the new baby. (Seems like the lesser of the two evils to me...)

As of this morning we have started the process for a "deed in lieu of foreclosure."

Don't get me wrong. It sucks. This is not how we wanted it to go....(but we also didn't want Joshua to die either now did we?!)

We have held onto this house for 7 years. 5 of those years we really couldn't afford it and sacrificed elsewhere to try to hang on. (when we bought the house, we really could afford it, but loss of jobs and resources has made it hard to hang onto) But now, it's time.

I hate that it has come to this decision, but we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

We will still be moving to our new home on June 1st. Renting has never seemed so heavenly to me in my entire life. It will be a nice change of pace to have no responsibility when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

Maybe this "No" is a blessing in disguise. Giving us time to figure out where we can go to start fresh. It will give us time to really do our research about the area of the country we want to live and raise our children. It will give us time to get back on our feet. This is the beginning of a fresh start for us.


Christi said...

I'm thinking of your family. I needed this post today (not this for you), because this week I learned that some personal family things are similar to this and I am filled with stress, emotions, questions, etc. Thank you for helping me put it into perspective.
Email me if you ever want to chat...keenerfamily at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I hope that all of the traveling you have done lately will help you in the decision of where you want to live!

Life can be heartbreaking, but it can also be such a wonderful adventure! There are so many wonderful places in this country! Have fun deciding - change can be such a great thing!

Beth said...

My parents had to do the "deed in lieu" thing when I was very young. They made it through just fine, trusting in the Lord. You will too. I love you sister and am sorry about the "no." God is still in control and he has your best interest in mind. I am glad you are both at peace with it. Continue to focus on Him.

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

Diana- most of my traveling has been for that very reason. We are open to anywhere that God leads us, and He sure has been providing some really inexpensive ways for me to get out and see what this country has to offer. :o) We'll see where He takes us over the next few years!

Sara said...

I'm not sure what the deed in lieu of forclosure is, and I could very well find that out in the next couple months.
We are loosing our home also, July 10th in the "date" we have to be out. Finding a rental that is affordable and works for our family is defeating. On top of that our second car died, and finanically my husband needs to find a job that pays more and takes less in medical insurance. I feel like I'm standing on a house of cards and I'm just watching the wind nick a few off, waiting for it all to tumble away.
I fight daily to remain faithful, positive.
I have gotten some amazing encouragment from unexpected places.
As always; I admire your honesty. I truly believe God is working to build something good in both our lives through all this. :)
Hugs to you.

McEngland like the McCountry said...

I'm so sorry the offer fell through, Jill. I'm glad you're at peace, though. Your perspective is absolutely spot-on. The world could learn a thing or two from you, sister. Praying hard for your family and for that sweet little one you're growing.

BlessedMommy said...

Ah, I could have written your post myself. We've endured a similar process with short-sale fall-throughs, a bank that won't work with us, etc, etc.

I've also had the "can't wait to rent something small" feelings.

Prayers! A deed in Lieu isn't too bad of a deal. It's our next step if a short sale doesn't go through.

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