Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't you hate when....

You go to bed early because you are completely exhausted.

Then when you wake up, you realize you have only been asleep for 2 hours and it's only 11pm!

Then you can't fall back to sleep because you slept so soundly that you aren't tried any more!

Don't you hate that?!

ps. If you are in Dallas and want to meet later this week, please send me an email at jillhaskins1(at)yahoo(dot)com I can't wait to meet YOU!


Lis said...

uh huh :) Blessings to you today ~ Lis

Sara said...

Ooh ohh I got one: Don't you hate when you go to the dentist and even though you've been a faithful flosser, they STILL give you the "Have you been flossing?" Lecture? Or you bought one of their fancy sonic brushes and they lecture about brushing? Seriously, If I don't have cavities I'm doing a GOOD JOB! thankyouverymuch.
Hope you have a great time in Dallas. We are 5 weeks away from Disney. WOOT!

Mellow said...

Have a wonderful road trip to Dallas. :) Wish we still lived there, would love to meet you and your beautiful kiddos.
Getting our second opinion in the morning, with the new Perio. Remaining positive and hopeful for my Little Baby A. Thank you for the prayers.

Ausmerican Housewife said...

I did that in the hospital with Evan. Went to bed at 11something and woke up at 2 thinking it was 7am. Bah bowww. Back to bed.

Congrats on baby #4! Joshua's lil brother or sister is gonna get *spoiiiiiiiiiiiiiled*! ;)

Jen said...

I haven't been blogging/commenting at all lately and missed your annoucement about Joshua's new baby bro/sister! Congrats!!!

and btw, yes! I did that this morning actually, wide awake at 4 am for NO REASON!! sooo annoying! ((hugs))

Mellow said...

Just wanted to ask for continued prayer. We unfortunately lost our baby A. I can't believe what we have endured this last year. Baby B, is looking strong...thanking God for that.

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