Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today is a snow day for our school corporation. That means that Caleb doesn't have preschool. I have declared today a pajama day. We are going to do crafts, play games, and possibly play out in the snow later this afternoon. (I used to love playing in the snow. Now, I hate it! It's too coooooold!)

Today, we have what seems like a bajillion inches of snow on the ground. I got my work out shoveling it off the driveway.

Today, I might not shower. hehe!

Today I have some serious baby fever. I think Shane does too. We'll see where that leads. I sure am in love with that man of mine. Have I told you lately how good he is to us? I could not have gotten a better man to spend the rest of my days with- that's for sure.

Today, I'm choosing not to worry about a possible health issue that has come up in our immediate family. We aren't sure what is going on, and right now we are in the waiting and observing stage of trying to figure out what (if anything) is going on.

Today, I am enjoying the last of my Mint Chocolate Truffle Coffee Creamer in my coffee.

Today, I can't get enough of looking at sweet Mr. Half a Heart's pictures. (That would be Joshua in case you were of the nurses dear friends of mine and I nicknamed him Mr. Yeshwa Half a Heart (we had one of the sweetest doctors on the face of the earth who called him Yeshwa b/c of his accent and HLHS means that he essentially only had a half of  a heart in case you were wondering!) ) I'm in love with this picture:

This picture is exactly how he would look up at me when we would snuggle
or when he would see me for the first time in the morning.
Oh how I miss that boy of mine.
 Today, I am writing a post that makes me laugh. I had an incident with a lock of Joshua's hair that we kept after he died. I think you guys will enjoy it. I know it made me laugh. I will post it TOMORROW!

Today, Shane and I are going to Griefshare. We will be discussing the loss of a child. Sounds like fun, eh?

Today, I am fighting with my friend Jill over who Edward Cullen would or her. I say me- she's too old! I am closer to his "frozen in time" age. HA!

Today, I am OK and I will accept that. I'll let tomorrow worry about itself!


Carla Sue said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. :) And don't shower! And if you post about the hair incident, Shane will know! :P And Edward may not choose're not sullen enough.

StevenSauke said...

Well, Jillicus of the Fields of Brass has come a long way since the height of the Roman you're a lot closer in age to Edward, even if he hadn't been frozen in age.

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

Steven- BHAHAHAHAHAHA! you are so funny!

Beth W. said...

Glad today is a better day. By the way, I tried the peppermint mocha from Starbucks in honor of YOU!! I love gift cards and that delicious splurge was WONDERFUL!!! I went shopping later, by myself and had to exercise immense self restraint to stick to my grocery budget and NOT go buy another one!!! Girl, you have good taste!! Enjoy the snow day we missed out on.

Jill said...

Dream on, Red! EDWARD IS MINE, MINE, MINE, ALL MINE! After all, he's hanging out at my house today while YOU are shovelling snow! BAHAHAHAHA!

Keep dreaming you lil whippersnapper.

Btw, I love you to the moon and back quadrillions of times!

Jill said...

Steven, You old lady sister is gonna get you.....

StevenSauke said...

Bring it on! :-)

Ausmerican Housewife said...

I know that look. That's a "Hi mama! You're back! Play time?" look.

SUCH a beautiful little boy.

Jami said...

Happy for a good day for you!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! I hope you have another and another. You've made me crave chocolate mint in cocoa or coffee. That might be awesome with King Cake.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

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