Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Daughter- The future Hoarder

Hannah is the queen of her "stuff."

She is the most organized little girl I have ever met.

She lines her toys up when she plays. She organizes her stuff and gets mad at me when I put her toys away because I "don't dood it right" (don't do it right.)

She is also notorious for innocently (and very sneakily) taking some of our things to play with and then we have NO clue where they are.

For example, I was setting the table for dinner one night, and I went to get silverware out of the drawer. I pulled the drawer open and my silverware had just disappeared- every. last. piece. of. it. I had no idea where they were or who took them.

After looking and searching and questioning, I finally picked up one of Hannah's backpacks to put away. It started clinking and was excessively heavy. She had somehow managed to get her 2 year old little hands into the silverware drawer and stashed every last spoon, fork, and butter knife in her backpack. (don't worry, the steak knives are safely out of reach)

I have put some of some of the kids older toys up and out of reach to make room for their new toys from Christmas. One of the toys that I put away was a Buildingset Gears.

The kids have been rambunctious today and I thought it would be fun to get the gears back out to build something.

I dumped the box of gears out and this is what we found:

Hannah's piggy bank has been missing for quite some time. She apparently stashed it in there when cleaning it up and forgot all about it.

We were rejoicing that we finally found the long lost piggy bank until I picked it up.

There was a slight smell coming from it.

 When I opened it up I was mortified.

I got a screwdriver thinking it was just a piece of bread that had been stuck inside that had probably started to mold.

This is what I dug out of little piggy while trying to hold back the dry heaves:

What is that, you ask?! Let me tell you.

(click to make the image larger)
The blue stars are pieces of bread.
The red stars are pieces of moldy ham.
The green stars are pieces of mushy, moist chocolate donut holes.
The pink star is baby doll hair.
The yellow stars are some sort of wrapper.

Apparently, she stuffed not only her breakfast of chocolate donut holes in there, but also her lunch of a ham sandwich and her snack wrappers.

I was absolutely disgusted and all I thought about was my friend (who is often times horribly inappropriate- yet insanely funny) who is obsessed with the show Hoarders. (You are probably so proud of my little Hannah girl aren't you?!)

After much debate and many attempts at holding back puking in my mouth- I decided that I was going to attempt to keep little miss piggy and try to clean her out. It isn't her fault that she was stuffed with grossness!!!

Somebody call A&E and get us intervention!!!!


Sparklyfarts said...

Hannah is my hero! She made mama some tasty vittles! Go Hannah!

Love, Sparkly

Carla Sue said...

Oh my! Oh my! Oh MY! Miss Hannah! ;) Ga-ross! Maybe I don't want my kids to come stay the weekend....lmbo! I can only imagine what they will teach each other!

Tisti said...

My 5 year old does this as well. So far I haven't found any food stashed anywhere but I did find a shoe that had been missing for 4+ months.

Unfortunately my daughter does NOT line up things and put them away. She doesn't care if I "dood it right" or not (and how cute is "dood it right?") She would rather keep all of her 7,693 toys on the floor for me to step on and yell about.

Have a good day!

Beth W. said...

Haven't found any of those.... yet. Hoping I never do!!!

Lauren said...

Lol yum yum ;)

Amy said...

She stuffed ham in a pig!! Hahahahahahahahaha! I'm fascinated with the irony in that by itself.

As for the situation... well... you're a better person for cleaning the pig than I would be. Here, that sucker would've been trashed -- food & all -- before anyone could blink. I would've puked too. Ack!

PS: My grandma has those same Corelle plates! I love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Haha! :D That is sooo funny!

Lisa said...

Piggy looks like his belly was a little upset from all that yucky stuff.

Bethany said...

HAHAHAHA!!! This is beyond awesomeness!!

Cheryl said...

I think Miss Piggy was very hungry, but I wonder if she really wanted ham! Such a funny girl. I can tell from this and the pictures posted earlier in the week that there is never a dull moment at your house. I hope these moments of hilarity/challenge brighten your days. They have certainly have caused me to laugh uncontrollably.

Have a good day of worship tomorrow!!

Cheryl Marshall

Christine the ArizonaIntactivist said...

With everything that you have said above I am thinking Asperger's Syndrome... and possible sensory integration...?

Liss@Random said...

The funniest picture is little Miss Piggy looking up with loopy eyes from the bucket of soapy water. Poor Miss Piggy!

The Porn Widow said...

Holy Wow. That's determination. Miss Piggy owes you.

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