Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some of my Favorites!

I always love finding new places to shop, new blogs to read, new and creative gifts to give. So I thought, what better way to share them with you, than to do a blog post about them. (I'm not being compensated in any way to share these things...I just love them that much and wanted to share them with you!)

1. I met my friend Dana while I was in Seattle. She came down from Canada to meet me and Kirsten. She is a sweetie and we've had many a dates on Skype. She is a stay at home mom to 3 little boys. Her middle son, Mason,was just diagnosed with Smith-Magenis Syndrome as well as Autism. Her blog is here. If you can find it in your heart to donate some extra money (even if it's just $1.00) I know their family could really use any extra help they can get. They are waiting on funding from the Canadian Government to help pay for Mason's therapies and medical supplies. There is a paypal donate button on the right hand side of her blog. She also is an amazing custom blog designer as well as a magnet maker extrodinair! Check out her design shop here. And for what it's worth, the prices are a steal! (I've told her before she needs to raise prices. She told me she will eventually, but not now- so hurry and get your blog designed by her now!!!)

2. I randomly found Rhonda on Twitter. She posted a link to her website and I fell in love. (click on designs on the top of her page). She is currently creating a custom piece for someone special in my life for Christmas. If you are looking for custom made, affordable piece of jewlery, Rhonda is the woman to go to. She has designs for men and women both. She also makes some pretty witty and cute pieces of jewelry to fit your personalities or passions. Go check her out....now!!!! (ok, how about after reading the next one....then go!)

3. My friend Carla Sue is a real life friend. Our friendship dates waaaay back to the good old days of our freshman year at Huntington University (back then it was still Huntington College....) Carla doesn't quite fit the mold of a typical Christian- she's covered in tattoos, smokes, and cusses....A LOT (she may or may not have even done a few things that could have gotten herself kicked out of HU for breaking the "lifestyle" agreement! HA!) But I love her and she keeps me going on days that I just want to give up. Carla is also an artist at heart and has started a customize art shop called heARTworks. She does mostly customized tins, but is willing to do anything you ask (within reason.) For example, I told her that I wanted a growth chart for my kids. I asked her to do it on a 2x4 and then mail it to me (even though she just lives in the next town over). She told me in a sarcasticly (my love language) not so nice way that I'm an idiot and that she didn't think she could mail a 2x4. But she did have some other ideas for me. I also have her customizing a painting on my mom's closet door (don't ask) as well as some custom tins for me. Go check out her work and if you like what you see, put her to work! You can also check out her heARTworks blog here.

4. And finally, if you live in the Huntington area and are looking for an amazing church to go to, check out this amazing church. Yup, that's right...that's my church....and I love it. We are a brand new church (just over a year old) and we meet in an elementary school for the time being (we are currently looking for a place to call home!) We live, worship, and love passionately. The people at this church have been our rock since the beginning of our pregnancy with Joshua. They carried us through and supported us through his life, and were there for us when Joshua died. It is an amazing group of believers who love Christ more than anything. Come check us out on Sunday mornings at 11am!


Lisa said...

Hi Jill ~ Dana might want to check out
Pacing the Panic Room
[their 6 year old son has SMS]

Ryan @ PTPR just put together an album of original kids music to raise money for Prisms. It is available through iTunes.

Michelle said...

thanks so much for your sweet comments. :-)

my parents won't be able to update, but if you'd be comfortable giving me a cell phone number you can receive the texts my friends & family will be getting. my email is shortstuffA16 at aol dot com.

if not, you can also call the hospital's patient info line, as i always opt in for basic info to be available, like what my status is, room number, all that. that number is 703-776-4001, and the hospital is inova fairfax hospital. i will be listed under the name michelle r baker - so if you want a basic update & don't want the text(s) then you can call starting thursday evening (should be done by then) and get that info or be connected to my room - i may not be able to talk but someone should be there who can. :-)

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