Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some Important Stuff

Here are a few links to some pretty important blog posts.

Please take a few minutes to read them. Please remember Joshua and all of the other lives that have been turned upside down by Congenital Heart Defects. If you would like to share these links or posts, please do!

 A great post written by Christine.

Another great post written by Steve. As soon as I published this post, Steve sent me an email with another pretty important post. Click here to read that one as well!

Our friends Matt and Sarah Hammitt are starting a foundation to help families who are affected by CHD. Please head over to their site and consider donating to help them get their foundation started. Their baby, Bowen, has HLHS just like Joshua had.

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Christine the ArizonaIntactivist said...

Thank you for the info, Jill!

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