Monday, October 4, 2010


I got a text from Shane yesterday that left me almost speechless and with a huge feeling of hope and peace. It said this: (He had a migrane most of the day yesterday)

"Caleb is taking such good care of me. He really is so sweet. Love that guy. I want to tell you some stuff that I have been thinking about. God has reassured me that this is how it is supposed to be. For whatever reason that this is going on, God is not done taking us on this journey. God is still preparing or working something out for our future. God has given an excited feeling of what is to come. There is a reason for that. The place he is taking us is still being worked on and needs more time to be established. Not only is there a reason that joshua is still in the hospital, but there is a reason that we are not finished with these trials. The end result or plan is not completed. The plan right now is not at the right stage and for some reason the pieces won't fit right now. I don't know what is coming, but God has blessed me with a peace that only he can give a husband/father. I love you so much and he will lead us to greatness. Just more patience than what we thought is required."

And that is why I love my husband and my God so much.


kirsten michelle said...

That is one special husband you've got there. If I were you, I'd keep him. ;o)

Much love,

Anonymous said...

He is right. Jill, remember a few weeks ago you were posting about chomping at the bit to go home? There was a reason you stayed where you were. If you were at home, and Joshua had crashed, the consequences of that could have been devestating. You are right where you have to be right now. God has this all planned. He knows Joshua's story. And yours. Nothing is accidental (in my eyes) God is placing you right where you need to be. Continued prayers are being sent for your peace. Peace of mind in knowing you are doing the absolute best in Joshua's care. Stay strong - don't doubt yourself. A Mother's protection/instinct is a powerful thing.

Shannon Egan

Hope's Blog said...

You have an awesome husband. Caleb is pretty great too! Keep the faith and know that God is working miracles.

Paula B said...

Amen, and again I say Amen! Shannon you are so right. Jill I cry reading about all that has happened and is going on. Shane is so right. God is preparing both of you and Caleb and Hannah and Joshua for what ever He has in store. Love you all very much! Our prayers continue to pour out for you.

Molly Alisa Photography said...

Despite much, you are so very blessed.

I am so thankful I know your family. Even before Joshua, you have all been an encouragement to me, and an example of love, hope, and faithfulness.

Your family has a very special place in my heart. I am hoping towards the future with you.

Jennifer said...

Joshua is in such great hands, God's, you, Shane's, his brother and sister, and his wonderful doctors.

So sorry he had another setback, but so thankful he has such a strong mommy who knew to follow her instincts.

Sending lots of prayers your way. It DOES get better, it does, just keep that mind. This is NOT a permanent place/situation. It does pass and it DOES get better. Keep up the strength until then.

The Cox Family said...


Mrs. M said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and you've got a new follower! I will be praying for you and yours as God continues to help you tell your story. Wow...

Stephanie Quintero said...

How cool is that! Your whole family rocks! You could not be any more blessed.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you won't mutilate any future children you might have, and that you will become an active campaigner to end genital mutilation worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Your husband is so right - there is a reason for everything that happens, be it joyful or tragic. If we cannot see the reason, that is due to our poor human limitations. The greater the trials we endure, the greater the lessons we may learn from them, and hopefully pass on to others. I won't try to tell you that "God intended such-and-such for you"; mine is not the place to interpret your experience. You must do that for yourself. When you are ready for such questions, I respectfully ask that you read the opening verses of Philippians 3 and ask each other and God if there is a lesson in those words for you to carry with you. Again, I am not going to claim what you "should" take away from this passage - the Bible is a wonderful map of the spiritual life, but no two people read it exactly the same and I believe God intended it to be so. God is Love, and I sincerely pray you may feel His Love even in the midst of your sorrows.

Anonymous said...

I pray for you in your time of sorrow and pain. I do not know you but you are a mother who has lost her child, I have been there, I am still there. You are not to blame for his loss, and the choices you made were obviously the ones that you thought were in his best interests at the time.
God Bless you, and know that God holds Joshua in his arms now.
Something I found comforting after the loss of my little one was that there is a belief that there is no time in heaven. I could not stand the thought of my angel being in heaven without me there to hold, love, and protect her. But there is no time in heaven, so, though my husband and I go on throughout our lives, hopefully bearing other children, and growing old and gray, to our sweet little girl it will be as if we only stepped out of the room for a second. Then we'll all be in heaven together.
Your son is a beautiful angel, and though his life was short, it was a life filled with love.
I am so very sorry for your loss.

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