Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prayers Needed Again

Alright prayer warriors. I have another couple prayer requests for you.

Do you remember this post about my friend Kim? Her little man is going in for a cath tomorrow (Wednesday) to prepare the doctors for his Glenn in a few weeks. You all know how scary it is to send your little ones in to have a procedure no matter how big or small that procedure is. Please be praying for Shaun, Kim, Jeremy, and big brother Ethan. Hop on over to their caringbridge and give them some of the love that you have given us.

Also, there is another couple here at St. Vincent that needs prayer. Brandon and Krista are going to be delivering little Melody via c-section tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11am. Melody has HLHS just like Joshua but is also very small. Please be praying for Brandon, Krista, Melody and big sister Angel as their journey with HLHS is just beginning. Krista doesn't have a blog, but she is on facebook. (I'm not sure if her profile is public, but if it is, send her some love on her wall or send her a message of support!) 

Finally, doctors are going to try to wean baby Ewan (pronounced you-win) off of ECMO tomorrow at 7am. This will be their second attempt. Little Ewan has had a rough go of it and has really given his mama and daddy a run for their money. Pray that the weaning is a success- the sooner they can get him off of ECMO the better. Please be praying for James, Kirsten, and Ewan.

It's going to be a big day tomorrow for a lot of families.
Thank you so much for continued prayers and support. You guys are amazing!


Paula B said...

Prayer was said for all of these requests, Jill. Give my little Popeye a kiss when you can. And give yourself a big hug from me.

Hope's Blog said...

Praying for all the heart babies today and every day. This time of year seems to be a big prayer time for heart families. God is listening and hearing the prayers.

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