Sunday, September 19, 2010

A not so good day....

Today was not a good day for Joshua.

I got to the hospital at about 10:00am and Joshua's lips were purple. As soon as the nurse saw me, she ran into the room and explained that at about 9:45 Joshua crashed.

His O2 sats were at 40, his heart rate went from 210 to about 85 in a matter of 2 minutes. Alarms went off but were ignored until the emergency alarm on the nurses phone went off.  Needless to say I was extremely shaken up. Especially after I had walked in to see him purple.

Then, I found out that the reason he crashed was because he was left alone in the room while the nurse went to take care of another baby. She was feeding the other baby and apparently Joshua started to cry. He didn't calm himself down, and because we are in the back corner in a private room instead of the pods, no one heard him. The poor child screamed until he about killed himself. Once I found that out, I was beyond shaken, I was pissed.

It was not the nurse's fault. It's not like she was sitting around on her butt playing solitare while my kid screamed. It's not like she chose to ignore him. She was doing her job. She was taking care of another one of her babies. But it's still not acceptable. I hate the fact that these poor nurses have to take care of 3 critically ill babies at a time. How on earth are they supposed to provide quality care when they are stretched so thin?

I talked to the nurse and she talked to the charge nurse. I was told that we will either be moved out of our private room into the pods (to ensure that other nurses will hear him cry) or we will be assigned to a nurse with just 2 babies. So far, neither has happened.

I'm not sure what I think. I'm pissed that my kid crashed because no one was watching him. I'm pissed that these nurses have to take care of 3 sick babies at a time. I'm pissed that I wasn't here this morning to prevent it.  I'm more determined than ever to get us the heck out of here as quickly as possible.

Joshua is doing better tonight. It took him almost 3 hours for his respiratory rate to finally reach a normal level. That means he burned way more precious calories than he should have just by trying to calm himself down. Not good.

Tomorrow is Joshua's G-tube surgery. He stops feeds at 3am this morning. They will work on getting an IV in him at 6am. Please be praying. After a day like today my nerves are on edge and throwing the surgery on top of it, I'm extremely anxious. I just want it all done and over with.

I'll update tomorrow after the G-tube is placed. Pray for Joshua to continue fighting.


Erika said...

Oh my goodness, Jill, that is horrible! I am so sorry that happened! I would be VERY VERY upset & angry too. I hope you can get that sweet baby home soon. We'll keep praying. ((HUGS))

laura said...

so sorry to hear you guys had a rough day =(

many prayers for a smoother tomorrow - tomorrow's surgery is a BIG step in getting you that much closer to home!

SteveC said...

Things happen S-L-O-W-L-Y in the hospital. They haven't done anything probably because of the same reason this happened - short staffed.

You may have to get ready to be on the overnight shift yourself. Call your friend you are staying with and ask if they can bring a pillow and blanket for you.

HennHouse said...

Absolutely praying.

For Joshua.

And for you you.

The Cox Family said...

If they are going to move him, after surgery tomorrow is a PERFECT time! Talk with the charge nurse again tomorrow AND talk to a manager. The charge nurses have power, but the managers have the ultimate power. After surgery he should be in a 2 baby assignment anyway because his acuity will go up. Praying for you guys and a better night/day. Love ya! :)

Stacey said...


I had a similar experience with Zoe. After leaving for 30 mins, I walked into see her screaming and on her stomach, face down in her blanket. I was beyond furious and made one hell of a scene. Spoke to the nurse supervisor/manager, different than the charge nurse about the scenario. Things changed dramatically after that. It is a horrible feeling, I know, to feel like you can't leave your child's bedside. I stayed 56 hours straight because of those fears. I wish I could tell you that it will get better, but I agree with Steve, grab overnight gear and do it yourself until the situation is fixed. I told our nursing supervisor that I didn't feel my child was "safe" and "worried about her well-being." I also told her that I shouldn't feel like I cannot leave the hospital to sleep or eat because I'm scared for my child. Keep voicing your concerns until someone listens. You are Joshua's best advocate; make sure you are stern and they follow through.

Sorry to hear you've been through this stress. It brought back a bad memory for me and got my blood boiling. Thinking of you and sending love.


Anonymous said...

Jill -

Do you have a "social worker" at the hospital that coordinates things for you? I had to go see ours several times. This was the person who coordinated the SSI paperwork for us, who made sure everyone was on the same page, etc. I just assumed every hospital has them. I agree with the above posters who stated you may have to stay at the hospital. I basically lived in our room. Only left to get food.

Hopefully things will improve after the g-tube placement.

Shannon Egan

Anonymous said...

I am praying for things to get straightened out! Ava used to turn blue every time she cried and so we could never be out of earshot of her. Keep fighting for a move or a better nursing situation. I know they are probably short-staffed by you are Joshua's BEST advocate.

Praying for today's G-tube surgery. We finally caved in and had the G-tube placed - looking back, probably one of the best decisions we ever made (and Lord knows, there were plenty). May you have peace and comfort knowing this is the right next step toward getting HOME!


Callie said...

Jill - I am so sorry that Joshua and you had to endure that. I continue to keep you all in my prayers and wish you success and speedy healing for the g-tube surgery.

Stefenie said...

Pack your bags Jill.....time to move in with Joshua. We did that after we had a scare following Logan's second surgery and have never left his bedside since. I know it is hard because there are just times when you need rest especially when you are there by yourself.

I saw your fb status a few minutes ago and wanted to let you know that I am praying!! I put in a prayer request on my fb page and blog. I'll get those prayer warriors to work!!

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